Pre-Kindergarten Snack

PK-4 Old Snack

     A snack calendar will be sent home with your child each month.  When it’s your child’s day, I would ask that you pick something out together to bring. Please bring enough for 21 children. When you pick something out, please keep in mind that it is easier to pass out the same item for 21 children.  On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday please pick out a healthy snack with your child. On Tuesday, please bring in a fruit and on Thursday please bring in a vegetable. This provides us with a healthy variety and teaches the children about healthy food groups.

    I will try to have your child/children bring a snack as close to his/her birthday as possible. They may bring in a special sweet treat for their birthday!

     Our Pre-K 4 program allows the children to gain more independence and allows them some choices in the classroom. One of the choices they get to make is white or chocolate milk each day for snack time.

     Our milk cost for the year will be sent home the first week of school. Please make checks payable to St. John’s Lutheran School.



Monday, 29th: Owen

Tuesday, 30th: Andrew


Wednesday, 1st: Carter

Thursday, 2nd: Wesley

Friday, 3rd: Happy Birthday Declan!

Monday, 6th: Lucas

Tuesday, 7th: Camille

Wednesday, 8th: Za'Jariyon

Thursday, 9th: Clara

Friday, 10th: Brooklynn

Monday, 13th: Elena

Tuesday, 14th: Silas

Wednesday, 15th: Dannilynn

Thursday, 16th: Sammy

Friday, 17th: Jaden

Monday, 20th: Happy Birthday Carter!

Tuesday, 21st: Happy Birthday Kadan!

Wednesday, 22nd: Asher

Thursday, 23rd: Iris

Friday, 24th: Henry

Monday, 27th: No School, Happy Memorial Day

Tuesday, 28th: Happy Birthday Andrew and Will!

Wednesday, 29th & Thursday 30th: Mother Hubbard

Friday: 31st: Tyler