Pre-Kindergarten Snack


PK-4yr. Old Snack

This year to provide a safe healthy environment for all. We are asking that each child bring in their own healthy snack from home each day. I do ask that the snacks be healthy so that we are learning how to fuel our bodies and brains.  Unfortunately, I don’t have storage for their snacks on a monthly basis. I will have a storage cubby for your child to place their daily snack in when they enter the room.  Please don't send in anything that needs to be refrigerated. If your child has a special need or allergy, please let me know. 

We still want to celebrate birthdays in Pre-K!! Your child may bring in a store-bought treat for the class on his/her birthday. I do ask that the treats are the same for each one of the classmates. When you pick something out, please keep in mind that it is easier to pass out the same item for 20 children. Different treats can hurt feelings especially at this age level. If your child’s birthday falls on the weekend, holiday, or is in the summer, please just let me know when you would like to celebrate it. 

Our Pre-K program allows the children to gain more independence and allows them some choices. One of the choices they get to make is white or chocolate milk each day for snack time. 

Forms for our milk cost for the year will be sent out from the office.