2nd Grade Basic Math

Math Facts Practice Websites

Basic Addition

CATERPILLAR NUMBER ORDER PRACTICE: Put the numbers on the caterpillar back--IN ORDER!

COCONUT ORDERING: Order the coconuts.

CONNECT "4" ADDITION GAME: Partner game using checkers.  "Connect Four" game to get 4-in-a-row.  Grab a partner and start adding!!

CROSS THE SWAMP:  Help the monkey cross the swamp by completing addition and subtraction on a calculator. 

FLASHCARDS TIMED:  Practice online timed flashcards.  Choose 0-10 facts and choose how long you want to drill. Two minutes is a nice time period to start with. This is an excellent way to start mastering math facts and increase speed in solving problems!

JET SKI ADDITION: Choose a team and race to see which Jet Ski can answer the quickest!

NUMBER MUNCHER: Munch your way to addition and subtraction answers.  Point and click on all of the math problems that make the sum or difference highlighted in the box...but don't let the munch monster get you!!

ONLINE FLASHCARDS:  This is an online flashcard system for second grade. You can select from any problem style in addition or subtraction and you will be given one flash card a time and must type in the answer and you will find out if you are correct or not!

PACMAN MATH:  Similar to old "Pac Man" game where you can choose either addition or subtraction and "munch" your way to the right answers.  **This is a game for LATE in the year, when your skills get nice and STRONG!!!

PENGUIN PARTY MATH:  Select addition or subtraction in the left margin, then start with "Normal," for beginners and move up to "Super," once your skills are becoming more accurate. 

TUG O WAR ADDITION:  Choose a tug boat and answer the addition problems to help your team WIN!

Basic Subtraction

MINUS MISSION  Your laser cannon has the answer printed on it.  Use your mouse to point to the blob at the top of your screen with the correct subtraction problem that matches your answer and click to shoot the slime blob-- DO NOT ALLOW any slime to reach the ground or GAME OVER!

POP UP PEARLS  Look at the subtraction problem on the bottom of the screen then grab the pearl with the correct answer by clicking your mouse on it! **You can choose the current subtraction fact level for each game**

SUBTRACTION FLASHCARD MATCH  Matching game using problem and answer flashcards. Click your mouse on the matches to make them fade away. Play in relaxed OR timed mode to see how many you can get correct.

SUBTRACTION HARVEST  Click on the correct answer and the apples will fall from the tree.

SUBTRACTION FISHING - Find the fish with the correct answer and reel it in!

Money Skills

Counting Money  On this site, coins are shown and you must add up the money amount, type it in, and eneter to see if you have come up with the correct total!

Money Counting Game  Drag the coins to the board, following directions-- gives you a money amount and certain number of coinsto get there!!!

Coins for Candy - Drag and Drop the right amount of coins to buy the candy-- Then remember to brush your teeth!!



Pictogram Graph   Make your own pictograph

Create a Graph  Use this site to make a variety of graphs


Balloon Bonanza - click on the balloon that is least likely OR most likely to be picked from the group.  Directions change...so watch what the dog is telling you!

Why Can't I Win?? - A probablility exercise that shows us exactly why!!!


Measure it!  Choose the right length :)

Number Names

Fruit Shoot Math - Shoot the fruit that matches the number word to raise your score!

Memory Game - Concentration game with numbers and number words