2nd Grade More Math

Timed and Fact Family Practice

It is difficult to find online games that practice only one addend at a time. Use these to get exposure to mixed problems, getting faster and memorizing math facts, without additional aid, like fingers or number lines. :)

Timed Math Add/Subtract - Keep basic level 0-5, choose addition/subtraction and 2 minutes is a great amount of time to start with :) Use cursor to enter correct answer. If incorrect, you must use CLEAR button and try again. When TIME IS UP you will see accuracy report. GOAL is to have fewer and fewer incorrect answers to move your skill level forward.
Online Flash Cards - Choose your practice session. Type in the answer and you can see right away if you are correct. GOAL is to be correct the first try-- every time!!!
Timed Math Magician Practice - You can select two different levels of difficulty. Answer 50 questions in 2 1/2 minutes. Use the number pad and hit ENTER to enter your answer. GOAL is to be correct every time!!
Cross the Swamp - More practice by helping the monkey cross the swamp and learning fact families at the same time! Using the number on the monkey's log as a start, finish the math problem with what is missing.
Fruit Shoot Math - Your Crossbar becomes a match problem and you have to "shoot" and pop the fruit with the correct answer! CHALLENGE yourself. Try relaxed mode BUT then try TIMED mode to see how many you can get correct before time runs out. Only work on first two levels at this time :)
Math Man - Like the old-fashioned Pac Man game, use arrow keyboard keys to munch only the character with the correct answer to the math problem. Work QUICKLY so that you don't get munched!!!
Fact Family Machine - Finish the math problem by typing in the right number. CLICK on the red button to see if you are correct!
Place Value Hockey - Choose a level and click on the correct place value being asked.

Use Your Counting Blocks - Make the number with your blocks.

Froot Shoot Counting Blocks Game - Look at the number your blocks add up to, then shoot the fruit with the right number!