3rd Year Newsletter




During the week of September 18-22, we will be working on:

Memory: “Thy Strong Word” 1st verse and refrain for Tuesday, 5th Commandment and Meaning for Thursday, attached to pack.


Math:  Subtraction                                                                            

Science:  Earthquakes and Volcanoes                                                                                

Reading: “Pop’s Bridge” Reading Log due on Friday, September 22nd.          

Soc. St.:  Chapter 2, Our Land and Resources                                 

Language:  Unit 1:  Sentences, Chapter Test on Friday

Please practice with your child finding the complete subject and the complete predicate in sentences.

For Memory next week…..”Thy Strong Word” is the Hymn of the Month.  The first verse and refrain are Tuesday’s memory work. Music to practice this Memory can be found on the St. John’s website under the tab “School.”  Then choose Hymn of the Month.

Please review addition and subtraction basic facts with your child!!

*****Please sign and return the bottom portion of your child’s Grade Three News each Monday or the first day of the school week.

It’s still time to participate in the Spirit Run which is TOMORROW, Saturday, September 16th. Check the school newsletter for more information.

Worship with your family each week.  Here at St. John’s there will be two services on Sunday.  One at 7:45 and one at 10:15 A.M.  There will be Sunday School and Bible Study in between the two Sunday services at about 9:00 A.M.

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