3rd Year Social Studies Vocabulary

Chapter 2: Our Land and Resources

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1.  landform - a shape or feature on the Earth's surface

2.  erosion - the way wind or water wears away the land bit by bit

​3.  geography - the study of people, place, and the Earth

4.  climate - the kind of weather that a place has over a long time

5.  climate map - a map that shows the usual weather of an area over time

6.  coast - the land next to the ocean

7.  region - an area that has one or more of the same features

8.  environment - the water, soil, air, and living things around us

9.  natural resources - anything found in nature that people use

10. renewable resources - natural resources that can be replaced

11. nonrenewable resources - natural resources that can't be replaced

12. map grid - a set of straight lines that cross to form squares of equal size

13. capital - the city where a state or nation makes it laws, the center of government

14. canal - a waterway made by people

15. pollution - anything that makes the air, soil, or water unclean