4th Grade Spelling

  • Units 1-4
  • Units 5-8
  • Units 9-12
  • Units 13-16
  •  Units 17-20
  • Units 21-24
  • Units 25-28
  • Units 29-32
  • Units 33-36


 Units 9-12

Week 9: pound, howl, jaw, bounce, cause, always, shout, aloud, south, couple, drawn, scout, false, proud, frown, sauce, gown, couch, dawn, mount, gnaw, prowl, pounce, doubt, scrawny, walk, lawn, loud, sound, clown, gnaw, prowl, pounce, doubt, scrawny

Week 10: gear, spear, sharp, stare, alarm, cheer, square, hairy, heart, weird, starve, charm, beard, scarf, spare, stairs, year, charge, dairy, scarce, air, near, large, scare, chair, barnacle, awareness, startle, marvel, weary

Week 11: horse, chore, firm, learn, dirty, curve, world, pure, board, course, earn, burn, cure, score, worm, thirteen, worn, curl, shirt, search, first, hurt, work, third, storm, thoroughbred, enormous, hurdle, foreign, earnest

Week 12: tube, lunch, fruit, truth, done, suit, threw, trunk, tune, glue, tool, push, wood, group, prove, pull, hook, stool, soup, move, howl, cause, always, pound, couple, dawn, couch, sauce, false, frown, cheer, alarm, square, heart, weird, charm, beard, dairy, spare, scarce, horse, curve, learn, board, course, cure, worm, score, search, thirteen, commute, scrawny, marooned, bulletin, thoroughbred, pounce, barnacle, newscast, enormous, awareness

 Units 12-16

Week 13: railroad, airport, seat belt, everywhere, homesick, understand, background, anything, ninety-nine, already, fireplace, ourselves, all right, forever, breakfast, whenever, everything, meanwhile, afternoon, make-believe, inside, outside, birthday, baseball, sometimes, landmark, nationwide, postscript, motorcycle, handkerchief

Week 14: sailor, harbor, enter, weather, labor, ladder, cellar, chapter, sugar, suffer, collar, proper, motor, favor, bitter, beggar, shower, temper, feather, doctor, summer, center, neighbor, dollar, daughter, schooner, anchor, stellar, lunar, solar

Week 15: nickel, metal, total, eagle, middle, special, final, model, bottle, double, towel, medal, battle, candle, trouble, handle, simple, uncle, title, cattle, little, able, circle, purple, apple, decimal, financial, trifle, cancel, industrial

Week 16: dancing, skipped, hiking, flipped, snapping, raced, landed, pleasing, checking, dared, dimmed, rubbing, striped, wasting, traced, stripped, tanning, smelling, phoning, fainted, cared, joking, tapping, wrapped, fixing, breathing, tiring, urged, scarred, striving

 Units 17-20

Week 17: beauty, ugly, lazy, marry, ready, sorry, empty, honey, valley, movie, duty, hungry, lonely, alley, body, plenty, turkey, hockey, fifty, monkey, pretty, sadly, friendly, city, slowly, fiery, envy, mercy, medley, imaginary

Week 18: seat belt, everywhere, background, anything, already, ourselves, forever, breakfast, meanwhile, make-believe, sailor, cellar, chapter, harbor, sugar, beggar, doctor, feather, collar, motor, double, special, final, model, eagle, towel, candle, medal trouble, cattle, skipped, snapping, checking, pleasing, raced, fainted, stripped, phoning, striped, rubbing, ready, valley, beauty, honey, movie, hockey, lonely, fifty, alley, hungry, imaginary, striving, trifle, financial, handkerchief, schooner, medley, tiring, stellar, nationwide

Week 19: shark, attack, risk, public, sink, question, electric, jacket, blank, ache, crooked, drink, topic, track, blanket, struck, mistake, junk, squirrel, stomach, quick, luck, picnic, week, sock, aquatic, squid, barracuda, speckled, peculiar

Week 20: village, cottage, bridge, fence, strange, chance, twice, cage, change, carriage, glance, ridge, manage, damage, since, marriage, edge, lodge, cabbage, dodge, nice, place, huge, judge, page, fleece, fragrance, average, fringe, excellence

 Units 21-24

Week 21: repaint, redo, refill, rebuild, discolor, untidy, dislike, uneven, rewind, unlucky, reread, unsure, reheat, unpack, unpaid, distrust, recount, displease, unload, disorder, remake, unclear, rewrite, unfair, unkind, redecorate, unfamiliar, unusual, rearrange, discontinue

Week 22: picture, person, perfect, attend, number, support, common, welcome, offer, expert, harvest, survive, suppose, perform, escape, helmet, allow, fellow, barber, tender, lesson, until, yellow, hello, garden, filter, candid, disturb, narrate, rascal

Week 23: current, danger, canyon, plastic, bottom, hollow, member, borrow, organ, compose, lumber, seldom, engine, pillow, carpet, garbage, master, arrow, army, thirty, sudden, follow, enjoy, happen, forget, challenge, vessel, submerge, eddy, venture

Week 24: electric, question, jacket, sink, ache, blanket, mistake, squirrel, track, stomach, change, bridge, twice, strange, carriage, damage, edge, glance, since, lodge, unlucky, uneven, rebuild, dislike, repaint, recount, unload, disorder, unsure, displease, expert, common, picture, welcome, perfect, barber, allow, escape, perform, survive, canyon, organ, compose, danger, borrow, army, carpet, garbage, seldom, arrow, unfamiliar, redecorate, challenge, average, narrate, excellence, barracuda, speckled, submerged, disturb

 Units 25-28

Week 25: sunnier, cloudier, windier, cities, heaviest, prettiest, studied, easier, noisier, families, ferries, crazier, funnier, earlier, copied, hobbies, angriest, emptied, worried, happiest, hurried, stories, carried, pennies, babies, iciest, hazier, breezier, categories, qualities

Week 26: pilot, pupil, navy, female, silent, human, chosen, music, paper, reason, tiger, spider, tiny, tuna, fever, frozen, moment, season, stolen, basic, bird, once, knew, straight, through, license, radar, waver, feature, diesel

Week 27: cabin, robin, cover, planet, visit, finish, salad, seven, magic, exact, talent, modern, limit, cousin, oven, prison, punish, habit, never, busy, travel, would, orange, ever, second, pheasant, quiver, hazard, vivid, jealous

Week 28: sickness, illness, treatment, painful, careless, fearful, colorful, endless, beautiful, awful, movement, restless, darkness, useless, kindness, hopeless, statement, powerful, friendliness, peaceful, hopeful, useful, careful, thankful, singer, ailment, appointment, resourceful, numbness, cleanliness

Weeks 29-32 Units 29-32

Week 29: rocket, achieve, afraid, machine, secret, gather, other, package, declare, asleep, agree, apron, bucket, pocket, ticket, chicken, degree, bother, rather, whether, nothing, between, teacher, helper, farmer, descent, vibrate, method, reflect, abrupt

Week 30: cities, prettiest, studied, families, easier, earlier, angriest, ferries, happiest, worried, pupil, female, chosen, reason, paper, season, tiny, tiger, spider, frozen, cover, exact, robin, finish, cabin, oven, cousin, prison, busy, modern, illness, beautiful, careless, treatment, awful, useless, friendliness, peaceful, powerful, movement, declare, package, achieve, afraid, rocket, degree, chicken, bother, agree, whether, appointment, categories, breezier, feature, quiver, resourceful, license, pheasant, method, descent

Week 31: ocean, police, depend, siren, defend, today, parent, become, below, relate, exit, polite, open, figure, event, belong, award, palace, delay, clever, before, away, alive, begin, giraffe, peril, marine, cadet, rival, alert

Week 32: wagon, capture, silver, reward, shelter, divide, nature, alone, office, famous, parade, narrow, corner, bacon, amaze, diner, dinner, eager, minute, fancy, again, enough, market, pencil, balloon, frontier, sheriff, prairie, stampede, corral

 Units 33-36

Week 33: deliver, department, camera, yesterday, tomorrow, important, together, victory, remember, library, enemy, animal, another, however, banana, alphabet, hospital, hamburger, carpenter, several, grandmother, grandfather, October, November, unhappy, interview, article, journalist, edition, photograph

Week 34: knight, castle, honor, kneel, climb, wrinkle, limb, handsome, answer, calf, listen, calm, knit, often, palm, thumb, wrist, lamb, knob, honest, talk, knife, wrong, knock, hour, reign, knoll, heir, debt, wrestle

Week 35: health, blood, type, against, receive, flood, month, magazine, guess, women, guide, style, wealth, guilt, says, guard, wonder, guest, gasoline, either, front, head, love, shoe, gym, vaccine, quarantine, guarantee, threaten, rhyme

Week 36: depend, ocean, police, parent, today, palace, event, exit, belong, award, famous, reward, alone, wagon, divide, narrow, fancy, eager, parade, amaze, tomorrow, deliver, remember, department, yesterday, another, animal, several, hamburger, carpenter, climb, honor, knight, handsome, castle, wrist, knob, listen, thumb, calm, receive, against, flood, health, women, guide, wonder, says, style, gasoline, quarantine, journalist, frontier, wrestle, reign, photograph, guarantee, stampede, marine, peril

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