Kindergarten Busy Week

Date:  May 22 - 26    Field Trip to the Zoo on Thursday                                    

Language Lesson Topic:  Good Neighbors

Essential Question:  What can I do to be a good friend or a good neighbor?

Bible Story:   Lydia

Literature:    "Kindergarten Then and Now", "I Knew You Could", "A Fun Job"

Words to Know:   Review Week - day, do, help, off, out, down, have, just, our, their

Phonological Awareness:     Track Syllables

Phonics:    Short vowel review

Vocabulary Strategy:  Synonyms

Comprehension Skill:   Understanding Characters

Comprehension Strategy:  Summarize

Writing Focus: Journal Entries

Math: Measuring length, height, weight

Art:     Georgia O'Keefe

Science:  Sounds

P.E.:  Monday and Wednesday with Mrs. Charpentier