Kindergarten Busy Week

Date:   November 20 & 21    Please note that we only have classes Monday and Tuesday this week.  Have a great Thanksgiving vacation.  We will be continuing our centers from last week.                           

Language Lesson Topic:  Using Shapes

Essential Question:  What can we create with shapes?

Bible Story:   Praise God from who all Blessings come!

Literature:     "Signs and Shape", "Ten Fat Turkeys"

Words to Know:   review week

Phonological Awareness:    Blend Phonemes 

Phonics:    Review letters t, c, p, a

Vocabulary Strategy: Shape words

Comprehension Skill:   Story Structure, Understanding Characters

Comprehension Strategy:  Summarize

Writing Focus: Continue a story

Math: Counting and Comparing sets of 10  Chapter 4 test

Art:    shape art

Science: How do animals protect themselves

P.E.:  Monday and Wednesday with Mrs. Charpentier