Kindergarten Busy Week

Date:   September 4 - 8      I will be out Wednesday - Friday for my daughter's wedding. We welcome Mrs. Seils                         

Language Lesson Topic:  Pets

Essential Question:  Why do people have to take care of pets?

Bible Story:   God Blesses Abraham

Literature:    "I Have A Pet", "Please Puppy Please:", "Different Kinds of Dogs", "We Go To School", "Rachel Parker Kindergarten Show Off"

Words to Know:   the

Phonological Awareness:    Beginning Sounds

Phonics:    Letters U-Z

Vocabulary Strategy: Synonyms

Comprehension Skill:   Story Structure, Conclusions

Comprehension Strategy:  Monitor/Clarify

Writing Focus: Narrative Writing, Writing for a purpose

Math: Comparing Numbers - more or less

Art:    A Tree is Nice

Science:  How do plants grow and change?

P.E.:  Monday and Wednesday with Mrs. Charpentier