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September 12, 2014

Religion - Because Adam and Eve disobeyed God, they had to leave the garden.  We sin daily too, but God continues to love His people so much that He gave us a Savior to take away our sins.
Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. 1 Timothy 1:15

What Have We Learned
Language – This week’s assignment came from one of our stories that we shared during literature time.  We discussed how we grow and change.  Many things are different for us now that we are 5 & 6 rather than when we were babies.  They used illustrations to give their message and we wrote their dictated sentences.  Thoughts can be presented in pictures or in words.  We really enjoyed sharing all of the baby pictures.

Phonics – Letters J, K, L, M, N and rhyming words

Take Home Readers - Check in this pack for a small book entitled We Go to School.  This is a copy of the same book we read in school.  During class time the pictures were displayed on the Smart Board and the children dictated sentences to coincide with the illustrations. With the turn of each page the children were given a blank slate with plenty of space to share all of their ideas.  This exciting activity of being an author can be shared with you at home.  Use this wordless book as a starting point allowing your child to tell you a story.  Encourage complete sentences that correspond with the illustrations.  This is a great way to develop fluency.

Math – When does a set of objects give us nothing?  We had zero elephants, rhinos and dinosaurs in our classroom.  We finished up the chapter with a game of number order and recognizing number words.  Our biggest challenge is to show how you know sections of our lessons.  It’s forcing us to think beyond the obvious.  For example, show what you know about number order.  A calendar shows a numerical account of the days in a month. A clock ticks away the minutes in a day.  Even God created the world in perfect order.   

Science – Real vs. Fantasy – Which group of grapes were yummy for the tummy?  How were the two samples different?  One was real from a living plant and the other plastic from one of our games.  We worked together on a Smart Board activity by sorting real objects and their fantasy counterparts.  Ex. A real bear vs. a teddy bear. 

Art – We have been busy designing an art project that will be part of the school’s fall fundraising opportunities.  “Art to Remember” uses children’s artwork as the focal point of quality keepsakes and products.  We also had a sensory experience with finger paint.  How did it feel? 
Music – “Put Your Finger in the Air” helped us explore space using different parts of our bodies.

P.E. – Bean Bags

Dramatic Play – The housekeeping corner was transformed into a classroom equipped with a chalkboard, magnet board, and desks.  The children took turns assuming the role of teacher and instructing their class on the daily assignments.   Of course all students were very well behaved.  

Library – We went upstairs on Wednesday to check out the library.    Your child was allowed to check out one book.  They will keep it for one week and then bring it back (on Wednesday) for a new book.  We talked about putting our library books in a very special spot so that they won’t get misplaced or chewed up by little brothers, sisters, or pets.

Fire Drill – Boy was it cold outside on Thursday when we heard that alarm go off.  No time for coats.  We simply dropped everything, lined up at the door, and quickly filed outside to the playground.  Great job kindergarten, way to be safe. 

2014-2015 School Theme:  Hooked on Jesus
“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”  Mark 1:17