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October 24, 2014

Religion - Moses was a leader who made a lot of promises but his promises were sure to come true because his promises were made by God.  The story of the Exodus is quite an adventure with many countless opportunities for Moses to doubt his ability as a leader.  Despite his concerns, Moses followed God’s commands.  God calls each of us as His children to work for Him-sharing His message and His love. 

Speak LORD, for your servant hears.  1 Samuel 3:9

Report Cards/Parent Conferences
Please check your child’s pack for two important envelopes.  One will have your child’s report card and the other has conference information and the sign-up sheet that needs to be returned to school. I will be holding 40 parent conferences during these two days which means the early morning and evening time slots will be of a premium.  I will try my best to give you the time slot you desire.  If that is not possible and scheduling a convenient time becomes an issue, I am open to looking at alternative dates.    

What Have We Learned
Language – We took our first theme test this week.  I try to help the children understand that when we complete a test it is a way of helping me understand what they know and where to proceed with their learning experiences. 

Phonics – We have taken an in depth look at the letters S, M, and R along with their alphabet buddy and letter sound.  As a review, try looking for things around the house that begin with these three letter sounds.   

Math – We finished up chapter three with numbers 6-9.  The finger play “Five Little Pumpkins,” gave us an introduction to ordinal numbers. 

Art – How many of you have a Pinterest account?  If so, you know the risk as you push the final button to login to your account.  A mere 30 minute time allotment soon turns into hours as you search a plethora of awesome ideas.  Thus, the crazy pumpkin face project was created.  Armed with a pile of magazines and a pair of scissors, the children searched for the perfect facial features to create a one of a kind Jack-O-Lantern.  They are all pretty awesome.  Take a look at them hanging out in our hallway. 

Pep Assembly – Our girl’s volleyball team has been invited to compete in the State Volleyball Championship.  We were excited to gather together with the entire school as we cheer them on and wish them good luck.  Way to go Cougar Girls! 

Group Tables – This week marks the end of the first quarter and it’s time to prepare for a switch in group tables.    Switching to new groups each quarter gives us the opportunity to work with and get to know other friends in our class.  We’re looking forward to sitting with new friends next week.   

Halloween - Please note that here at St. John’s we do not dress up for Halloween during our scheduled class time.  Be sure to attend the annual Trunk or Treat party tonight.  Enjoy the handiwork of some of our creative parents along with an opportunity to dress up in costumes, and a movie in the gym.  You will find an attachment with further details along with the school’s emailed newsletter.   


2014-2015 School Theme:  Hooked on Jesus
“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”  Mark 1:17