Kindergarten Newsletter

May 19, 2017


We want your child to know that God wants all people to come to faith in Jesus and to be saved.  God makes us His children as the Holy Spirit works faith in us through His Word and in Baptism, just as He did with the man from Ethiopia.  But, just like Philip, we can joyfully share God’s Word with others.  Missionary work is not just about people in faraway lands.  It is also about people who live in your city and neighborhood who may not know Jesus as their Savior.     Faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.  Romans 10:17


Important Information

Thursday May 25th     Field trip to the Zoo – We will meet at the Racine Zoo’s main entrance

                                    (on Main Street) at the normal 12:30 drop off time.  Day Care children

                                    will walk with me to the zoo.  We will then be walking back to school for

                                    the regular 3:45 dismissal.

Monday  May 29th      Memorial Day – No School

Tuesday May 30th       Graduation – The children should come to the classroom at 6:45.

                                    The program will begin at 7:00 in the gym.

                                    Cake and punch will be served immediately following in the cafeteria.

Wed. May 31st            Our last day – The school carnival is scheduled for that day. To give this day a more carnival feel, we will also be eating lunch together at 12:30 when the children arrive.  Hot dogs, chips, and watermelon are on the menu.   Keep an eye out for volunteer opportunities.   


What Have We Learned

Language Lesson Focus – Good Neighbors

Essential Question – What can I do to be a good friend and a good neighbor?

Words to Know – Review:  do, down, have, help, went, only, little, just, one, every, ask, walk, look, out, off, take, very, their, saw, put, our day, too, show

Phonics – The entire alphabet is now up on our wall.

Writing – We are working on a journal entry.  No pictures, just writing this week.     

Math – This week we finished our chapter on 3-Dimensional shapes and will be starting a unit on measuring.  Our focus is on comparing and describing sizes and measuring with non-standard units of measure.

Science – What can a magnet move?  We predicted, experimented, observed, and recorded our findings.  We are Super Scientists in the making.  

Art – Georgia O’Keeffe was a famous American painter who painted flowers, greatly magnifying them to the point that they went off the edges of the paper.   We looked closely at a variety of silk flowers to give inspiration to our reproductions of her technique and style.   

Fitness Center – No sitting around watching TV and eating chocolate bon-bons for this group.  We enjoyed utilizing our dramatic play workout station.  This is a top of the line establishment where membership must be verified with a personalized ID card upon arrival.   



2016-2017 School Theme:  From Start to Finish...God with Us
 “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End."  Rev. 22:13