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October 31, 2014

Religion - Mrs. Witek picked up a box of Kleenex and asked a rather unusual question, “If I told you this was a god, would you pray to the Kleenex god?  Hysterical laughter broke out as the children responded with an emphatic NO!  Well, that’s how crazy the Hebrew people were when following Aaron’s direction, they melted down their gold and prayed to a golden calf.  Pure silliness!  God gave His people the Ten Commandments, telling them to have no other gods besides Him, but they worshiped another god.  God loves us and knows what is best for us. 

Love the LORD your God, and …serve Him with all your heart.  Deuteronomy 11:13

Classroom Friend
The children were introduced to our new classroom friend, Cubby Bear.  Beginning this week he will go home with one of the children.  He has a bag with a journal that you can record the fun events of the weekend.  By the end of the school year, everyone will have a chance to take Cubby Bear home.

Parent Conferences
I hope all of you have had an opportunity to view your child’s progress report.  This is a great group of children to work with and I’m very pleased with how much growth has been shown since the first day of school.  I look forward to meeting with all of you.  The teachers will be getting together on Monday afternoon to schedule all the students and your time slot will be sent home in the packs on Friday Nov. 7th.   If there are any special concerns that you would like to address, please drop me a note and I will make sure that we have time to cover that. 

What Have We Learned
Language – The story Jonathan and His Mommy is a story about a little boy who goes for a walk with his mom.  We have already been introduced to characters and how we look for the setting.  We kept our eyes open for the details that Jonathan and his mother saw on their walk.  Taking a walk this weekend with your child could open their eyes to the setting of their own neighborhood. Point out and discuss what there is to see.  How is your location different than downtown?

Writing – A Little Pumpkin Book – Take a look at some of the pumpkin faces we designed to depict different emotions.  What details did we add to enhance the expressions? 

Phonics – Tiggy Tiger introduced us to the /t/ sound.  We worked with a new sight word, my.  How did this change the meaning of our sentences?  Ex.  “I see 10 teeth.” Or “I see my 10 teeth.”

Math – We challenged our brains this week with some new words problems.  You will see the results of our thinking on page 140 in our math workbook pages.  The question was, “Cory and Alyssa went to the pumpkin farm and bought 10 pumpkins.  Cory had 6 green pumpkins.  How many orange pumpkins did Alyssa have?  This is consistent with the combinations that we have been showing as each new number was introduced with red & yellow counters.  The trick is to show what you know.  They bought 10 pumpkins.  Draw 10 circles.  Cory had 6 that were green, color 6 of the circles green.  Do not add any more circles.  The remainder will be orange and the answer to the original question. 

Dramatic Play – Mrs. Witek’s Pumpkin Farm was a huge success.  The real hay brought in by one of the Pre-K 4’s parents added a bonus element of real authentic farm smell.  Creative dramatics is such an important element in an early childhood classroom as children are able to experience life situations while developing cooperative and collaborative skills.   

Art – Our Arts Attack curriculum introduced us to the concept of texture.  We used fabric fur to create an animal that feels soft and fuzzy.  They’re hanging in our hallway, be sure to check them out.  

Sensory – We enjoyed manipulating a batch of pumpkin (orange) play dough.  Alphabet cookie cutters added an additional dimension to this area.  Play dough is actually an excellent activity for developing finger dexterity. 

Music – We explored different labels for family members. 

Science – Animals are everywhere.  With clipboards in hand, we ventured out into the neighborhood in search of a specified list of animals.  We all thought Mrs. Witek was crazy when we saw that there was a bear on the list.  Lo and behold, we found two bears.  OK, so they were fake, but we found them.   


2014-2015 School Theme:  Hooked on Jesus
“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”  Mark 1:17