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August 29, 2014

God is wise and loving, as evidenced in His goodness and care in creating the world and all living things.  How did God create?  “With His Word.”  He has created each and every one of us as a unique individual, sharing in His mercies given freely through Jesus our Savior. 
Know that the LORD, He is God!  It is God who made us, and we are His. Psalm 100:3

Drop Off and Pick Up
Please note that we do keep our school locked during the day and you will need to buzz in to gain access during the day.  Parents meeting in the hallways before and after school can cause a distraction to students trying to complete work.  It is for this reason that we are asking you wait outside until 12:20 for kindergarten drop off and 3:40 for pick up. 

Off to a Great Start
What a busy first week!  This group is so eager to try all the new experiences in kindergarten although my previous students are missing all the playtime from preschool.  We want you to know all about what we're doing.  Be sure to read the newsletter each Friday to see what we have done.  The web site is updated Sunday evening.  I will be submitting the book order next week Wed.  Please have your orders back if you would like to order books.  The online code is GJYZF

What Have We Learned
Language - We shared some great "Welcome to School" books during this first week of school.  Ask your child which was their favorite. Mrs. Witek really likes Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. A lot of us were familiar with this story but as an extra bonus, we watched it in video format on the Smart Board.  We looked at the letters A-E and tried writing them in our workbooks.  This was a bit tricky for some of us.  Yellow letters are helping some of us build confidence and skills.
Writing - We completed the first page of our kindergarten book.  This is a special book that we will be working on the entire year.  When kindergarten graduation arrives, your child will bring home a great memory of their year.
Math –Our vocabulary words “set”, and “match” were put to use as we discovered ways to compare, count, and write sets of one through four.
Art – A lesson in line.  Lines come in many varieties.  We looked for examples and practiced creating lines that were straight, curvy, jagged, thick, thin, and curly.  We will be completing this project in learning centers next week.  Be on the lookout for our caterpillars in the hall.
Music – Rules Rap
Science – I’m very excited to dig into our new science curriculum this year.  This inquiry based program engages the innate curiosity of young children.  Aligned with the National Science Education Standards, lessons and activities will help children develop the ability to ask their own questions and answer them by seeking information from reliable sources and from their own observations.  What five investigative tools has God equipped us with?  (Our five senses)  We put these to good use as we recorded similarities and differences between two different apples. 
P.E. – Back to Back was a game in which we were able to explore ways to move and identify our bodies.  Once a week, usually on Thursdays, we will utilize our recess time for a “Gym” activity.
Social Studies – Friends at school

Take Home Packs
At the end of each week I will be sending home your child's work in a file folder.  Please return the file folder on the following Monday so that we can fill it with a new week’s worth of work.  You will also receive a paper copy of the class newsletter each week. We are trying something new this year with the school newsletter.  This will now come to you by email each week.  You can access school information from the school website.   I will also post our class newsletter on the school website under the kindergarten drop down menu.

Weekly Reading Sheets
Included in the pack this week you will find a sheet of paper titled "Store Up Some Good Books."  This is to record the books that you read with your child each day.  One sheet will come home on Friday for the following week.  You need to record only one book each day and books can always be re-read.  Please turn the reading sheet back into us on Friday or the following Monda

2014-2015 School Theme:  Hooked on Jesus
“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”  Mark 1:17