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April 17, 2014

The early Christian church had special words with which they greeted each other on Easter day:  “Christ is risen!”  The response to the greeting was “He is risen indeed!”  That greeting is just as special for us today as it was for believers of the first century.     Because “He is risen indeed,” we know that we, too, shall rise.  Jesus’ resurrection assures us that the victory He won over sin, death, and the devil is complete.  God the Father accepted the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus, on behalf of mankind and raised His Son to life.  Trust in Jesus as our Savior assures us of life with God forever in heaven.  This is the joyous message we are privileged to share with your children this week.  Ask God’s presence and direction as you share this good news.

Just a reminder, we do not have school tomorrow on Good Friday or next week Monday.  St. John’s Lutheran Church offers some beautiful Services during this Holy Week.
Maundy Thursday        April   17     4:00 & 6:30 PM
Good Friday                April   18     7:00 PM
Easter Sunday            April   20     6:30 & 10:15      Breakfast served between services on Sunday.

Play Practice
A musical is a huge undertaking but can provide a wonderful experience for our students.  With that reminder, I try to convince myself that it’s OK that we haven’t got to a lot of our usual work.  We have shifted schedules, pulled out core lessons, and concentrated on the quality of what we were able to accomplish.  The papers that were sent home on Tues. are the spoken parts that the kindergarten children are responsible for.  They came home on an odd day because I completely forgot about our speaking parts.  OOPS   I’m sure that with your help and some daily practice at home, we’ll get it.  Thanks in advance. 

What Have We Learned
Language –We heard an old African Folk Tale, The Lion on the Path.  The farmer and his wife were faced with a fierce and hungry lion.  The farmer used a musical instrument called an mbira (pronounced em-Beer-a) to tame the lion.  You are probably unfamiliar with this instrument, so you can do as we did, “Google it!  You can find images as well as YouTube videos that will enlighten you on its lovely sound. 
Writing – Our writing assignment came from the story Cows in the Kitchen.  We each chose a favorite animal and assigned them a location within our school that would begin with the same initial consonant sound.  Illustrations and a sentence were worked on to create an original class book.  For example we had:
Owls in the office.  Gorillas in the garbage.  Elephants in the elevator.
Penguins by the principal. Pandas praying with Pastor.  Snails having snack. 
Math – We finished up on numbers greater than 20 with lots of repetitive counting.  We have a really good start to this.  Some of the children have a little trouble moving into the next set of tens.  This is common and with practice they will automatically be able to transition from 59 to 60 and similar patterns.  Middle numbers sometimes are forgotten, for example 64, 65, 66.  Slowing down can help the brain process and keep consistent with the rote counting.   
Art – Our farm animals are looking much better as we used markers to add color.  Mrs. Kellner had to perform “Hot Glue” surgery to make quite a few repairs so hopefully they make it home safely. 
Science – What causes a shadow?  The Smart Board projector provided an excellent artificial light source to demonstrate how objects blocking the light will produce a shadow. 



2013-2014 School Theme:  Blessed to Serve
“I became a servant of this gospel by the gift of God’s grace given me through the working of his power.”  Eph. 3:7