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October 17, 2014

Religion - Joseph went through difficult times, but
God used him to save many people from famine.  Sometimes we do not understand why things happen to us, but we know that God never stops loving and caring for us.  We remember to pray to God, trusting Him when facing troubled times.
For those who love God all things work together for good.  Romans 8:28

End of the Quarter Fun
The last day of each quarter is designated as a special dress up day.  On Oct. 24 we will be having a crazy tie day.  As a school we are also sponsoring the Wittenberg project.  The goal of the Wittenberg Project is to honor our Lutheran heritage as we approach the 500th anniversary of the Reformation by nurturing and strengthening the faith of Christians and introducing the Christian faith to non-Christians.  Anyone bringing in a $2.00 donation will be able to kick up their crazy tie attire to a full blown crazy outfit! 

Pumpkin Farm
I would like to thank all the parents that helped out on our adventure to the pumpkin farm.  The kids had a great time. 

What Have We Learned
Language – We heard an interesting story of how the birds got their colors.  This Porquoi Tale was told to many long ago in both North and South America.  Did you know that wolf painted the colors on the birds because of their act of kindness?  We discussed the sequence of events and if this story could possibly be true. 

Writing – We worked on creating sentences with our two new sight words.    This is a story that we can read to you.  Please take some time and let us do this.  We’re very proud of what we can do.  WOW!!!!  We’re really reading!!!!

Phonics – Reggie the Rooster loves to rock and roll.  We were introduced to our third alphabet pal.  We really worked hard at making a little round mouth to make the /r/ sound.  This is a tricky sound that is often confused with /w/.  The children doing a great job coming up with items that begin with the weekly alphabet sound. 

Math – We deviated a bit from the normal math lesson.  This time of the year paired with the number 8 can only mean one thing, SPIDERS!  Mrs. Kellner was so excited.  (Not really)  We created some spiders with a set of 8 legs.  We also determined that the set of 8 consisted of two groups of 4. Our spiders are hanging out in the classroom. 

Stamping Fun – We enjoyed using ocean themed rubber stamps to create an underwater scene.  What was the trick to get great color on our pictures? 

Science – I decided to prolong our plant unit one more week because of the feedback I was getting from the children on “what they knew about plants.”  We took an in depth look at the life cycle of a pumpkin which tied in quite nicely with our actual trip to the pumpkin farm. 

Dramatic Play – We really enjoyed sharing the camping station with the prekindergarten class.  The fire was stoked to a proper temperature insuring great grill marks on our burgers and hotdogs.   What campout would be complete without marshmallows to roast?  Lanterns out and camp chairs emptied, we retired to an actual tent for a good night’s sleep. 

Halloween - Please note that here at St. John’s we do not dress up for Halloween.  We will celebrate the holiday with our trip to the pumpkin farm on Fri. Oct. 17th and with a variety of pumpkin themed activities during the next two weeks. 

2014-2015 School Theme:  Hooked on Jesus
“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”  Mark 1:17