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May 29, 2015

Religion - We want your child to be reminded, how God wants all people to come to faith in Jesus and to be saved.  He makes us His children as the Holy Spirit works faith in us through His Word and in Baptism.  In our story, Lydia was happy to hear Paul share God’s Word, was baptized, and welcomed Paul into her home.  Sometimes, your child may be less than excited to go to church and hear God’s Word or go to Sunday School or other church get-togethers with other Christians.  As you approach these events, talk about how you’re looking forward to going.  For example, talk about how you enjoy a certain Bible story and are learning so much about Jesus, talk about the beautiful music you want to hear, or other special events.  It is a special time to get together with other believers as God comes to us in His Word and Sacraments.  Just like Lydia, God opens our hearts to understand the Scriptures too, and we, in turn, can share God’s Word with others.  The gracious kindness of our loving God grows in our hearts too, so that we also can show gracious kindness to others and enjoy the fellowship of other believers. 

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and support throughout this school year.  This has been an awesome year with a great bunch of children.  I feel so blessed to work in a school that has such a strong supportive and dedicated group of parents.  Most of all we are able to share the love of God on a daily basis which helped grow and strengthen the faith in all of us. 

Graduation Updates
I noticed on Wednesday that I had made an error in the graduation program.  I use the same template each year and I forgot to change the date above the listing of all the children.  I fixed the problem and ran each of you a new copy in case you want to save it to a scrapbook.  I also made a copy of our “movie” for each family.  Thank you to Julia, Malia’s mom, for all the blank discs.  Report cards are included in the packs today. 

Fun Event
What a great way to end the school year with a carnival.  We started the afternoon off with eating lunch together as a whole class.  Practice for next year.  Then off to the gym for games and face painting.  Ask us which game we liked the best.  Mrs. Witek thought that the toilet paper toss into the toilet was hilarious.  After so much activity, we of course were hungry again.  You have to have ice cream at a carnival, and we did it up big with ice cream sundaes.  Thank you to all the parents that helped out with the games. 
Camp Discovery VBS 2015
Mark your calendars for this fun event taking place July 20-24th.  Discover His plan! Discover His purpose! In Camp Discovery VBS, children learn that Jesus works in and through us! We will look into the Bible, God’s Holy Word, and explore five tree-mendous Bible accounts where God works in His people to save them and through His people to serve! Jesus saves us, gives us faith, courage, and wisdom to serve Him and share His Good News with our neighbor! God does have a plan and a purpose for each of His beloved children! Look for the goldenrod colored registration form in your child’s pack today.  It’s not too early to get signed up. 

What Have We Learned
Language – We read a crazy story Henny Penny that you may know by its more familiar name Chicken Little.  Henny Penny made a very bad decision and was lured into Foxy Loxy’s den and almost became dinner.  This is a fun story to tell. Watching the children’s faces as the 5 characters met the fox allowed me to see the anticipation they were feeling about what was going to happen.  All agreed that they couldn’t believe such a foolish choice was made. Life lesson?   With summer approaching and our children spending more time outside, it’s a good time to remind them how to be safe. 
Math – We took sorting to the next level by graphing responses.  We started with choosing a favorite fruit and graph the class favorites.  A not so healthy choice, we graphed our favorite desserts.     


2014-2015 School Theme:  Hooked on Jesus
“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”  Mark 1:17