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September 30, 2016

ReligionGod had a plan; Abraham and Sarah were to have a son.  Sarah laughed when she was informed of this news.  How could this be?  Both she and Abraham were very old.  God blessed them both with a son when the time was right.  Our story this week reminds us that God is faithful to all His promises.  We try to understand that God speaks to us through His Word, and we ask Him to help us patiently trust in His Word.   The LORD is faithful in all His words.  Psalm 145:13

Alphabet Pals
Just when we thought we were done with the alphabet, Mrs. Witek started over with the letter M.  We met a new alphabet pal, Mimi Mouse.  Each week we will be introduced to a new letter pal that helps us remember the sound that the letter makes.  The language series provides a song, picture cards, and fun activities to reinforce the letter sound association.  Next week we meet Sammy Seal and the letter S. 

What Have We Learned?
Language – This week our focus centered around jobs as we found answers to the essential question, “What kinds of work do people do?” We classified and categorized different jobs by where they were performed and who the worker was.  We were a bit surprised when asked, “Do the children in the class have jobs?”  Yes, we are students! 

Words to Know – This week we were introduced to the word “and”.  This proved to be very helpful when more than one noun was used in a sentence.  We practiced using the high-frequency words while partner reading I Like M.  How did the text and graphics work together when we saw an animal that looked like a hamster?  It had to be a mouse since it was included in a story about the letter M. 

Writing – Pizza at Sally’s was the springboard to our writing assignment.  Sally followed specific steps as she prepared her famous pizza for a hungry group of customers.  We thought of a favorite food and used a sequence of steps and instructions that needed to be followed to prepare a delicious dish.  I loved the amount of cooking time that some of the children thought was needed.  Just think what that pasta would be like after cooking for 20 hours.     

Phonics – Mimi Mouse helped us remember the sound of the letter “M”.  If we start talking with what sounds like a speech impediment, it’s because Mrs. Witek has us draw out that first sound.  It helps us hear the initial consonant sound. 

Math – As we increase the number of objects found in a set, we have also had to expand the counting frame used to represent the amount.  The one row five-frame is now a two row ten-frame.  An emphasis is placed on working left to right, and filling the top row completely before moving to the second row. 

Art – Working on small muscle development was again a focus this week.  We traced and cut with scissors a supply of shapes that were combined together in order to create a picture.  

Music – Beat and rhythm might appear to be the same thing, but we found out that rhythm adds variety to the beat.  Beet represented a quarter note and Cher-ry was the eighth note.  Beet, Beet, Cher-ry, Cher-ry is an example of a measure written in 4/4 time.  Lots of fun was had from a crazy Youtube video that you can access on the internet:  Sweet Beets Pilot | Preschool Prodigies Music Lessons - YouTube

Science – What part of the plant does our produce come from?  After identifying six items, we used the actual food to construct a plant.  Ask us to recall what was used and where it was represented. What’s better than a science lab that doubles as a healthy snack?  Yum! 

P.E. – We had to toss a ball into a hula hoop.  If the task was successful, the hoop went on the cone.

2016-2017 School Theme:  From Start to Finish...God With Us
“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End."  Rev. 22:13