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May 30, 2014

We want your child to be reminded, how God wants all people to come to faith in Jesus and to be saved.  He makes us His children as the Holy Spirit works faith in us through His Word and in Baptism.  In our story, Lydia was happy to hear Paul share God’s Word, was baptized, and welcomed Paul into her home.  Sometimes, your child may be less than excited to go to church and hear God’s Word or to go to Sunday School or other church get-togethers with other Christians.  As you approach these events, talk about how you’re looking forward to going.  For example, talk about how you enjoy a certain Bible story and are learning so much about Jesus, talk about the beautiful music you want to hear, or other special events.  It is a special time to get together with other believers as God comes to us in His Word and Sacraments.  Just like Lydia, God opens our hearts to understand the Scriptures too, and we, in turn, can share God’s Word with others.  The gracious kindness of our loving God grows in our hearts too, so that we also can show gracious kindness to others and enjoy the fellowship of other believers. 

Last Day of School
Tuesday June 3rd will be our final day of school.  We will start the afternoon out with practicing to be a first grader and having lunch here at school.  Those that ordered hot lunch will be eating hot dogs.  Anyone not wanting the hot lunch should bring a cold lunch.  Milk will be provided. 
The carnival is also scheduled for that day.  Thank you, in advance, for those that volunteered to help cover a game. 
Report cards and supplies will all be sent home on the last day.  A backpack that day is very important.

Fun Event
I’m not a big fan of “Show & Tell” because often times it turns into a competition (in many ways) between children ending up as a “Bring & Brag” session.  But on Tuesday the children will be able to bring in a favorite item or toy (inside toy please) to share with the class. I am adding some parameters to this activity.  In their small groups, each child will have to describe, and give reasons for their attachment to this item (Public speaking, vocabulary using descriptive words, critical thinking).  To ensure an attentive audience, notes will be taken (Receptive language and Writing). When everyone has had a turn, the children will need to complete a chart, remembering and recording one detail from their classmate’s descriptions (Recall and Responding).  We of course will have the opportunity to play with these items later in the afternoon.  This is a new idea, so we’ll see how it goes. 
What Have We Learned
Language – We read a crazy story Henny Penny that you may know by its more familiar name Chicken Little.  Henny Penny made a very bad decision and was lured into Foxy Loxy’s den and almost became dinner.  This is a fun story to tell. Watching the children’s faces as the 5 characters met the fox allowed me to see the anticipation they were feeling about what was going to happen.  All agreed that they couldn’t believe such a foolish choice was made. Life lesson?   With summer approaching and our children spending more time outside, it’s a good time to remind them how to be safe. 
Math – We will not have an opportunity to completely finish chapter 12 in math so I will send home the extra pages next week for your child to work on at their leisure.  There should be only a few pages.  We have been exploring ways in which data can be sorted and classified.  This week we focused on sorting by color and shape.   
Science – How do machines make our lives easier?



2013-2014 School Theme:  Blessed to Serve
“I became a servant of this gospel by the gift of God’s grace given me through the working of his power.”  Eph. 3:7