Kindergarten Newsletter

October 13, 2017


Joseph went through difficult times, but
God used him to save many people from famine.  Sometimes we do not understand why things happen to us, but we know that God never stops loving and caring for us.  We remember to pray to God, trusting Him when facing troubled times.

For those who love God all things work together for good.  Romans 8:28


Parent Conferences

October 20th marks the end of the first quarter and report cards will be coming home.  Parent conferences are scheduled for Thursday and Friday November 2-3.  You will be getting information on how to electronically sign up for a time slot.  This is a great way to immediately see what is available to fit your schedules.   


What Have We Learned

Language Focus – How do our senses help us learn about the world.  This was a great springboard to incorporate literature, science, and the wonderful creation God has designed us to be.  What fun to examine popcorn using our five senses as an introduction to adjectives.  We discovered that adjectives help transform a simple sentence into a vivid illustration of detail. 

Unit/Benchmark Test – We took our first Unit test.  This is a new experience for kindergarten children which tends to produce some degree of anxiety, especially when they want help and we can’t give it to them.  To help alleviate some of this, I worked with each small group during center time.  I try to help the children understand that when we complete a test it is a way of helping me understand what they know and where to proceed with their learning experiences. 

Phonics – We have taken an in depth look at the letters M, S, and the vowel A along with their alphabet buddy and letter sound.  As a review, try looking for things around the house that begin with these three letter sounds.    

Math – Counting, writing, and representing numbers 7 and 8.

Dramatic Play – The campground was a huge success.  Two small tents were pitched, wood was stacked in the fire pit, and dinner on the grill.  Carrying this theme into the construction center, the afternoon group created an amazing campground using Lincoln logs, pinecones, paper towel tubes, and construction paper.  Mrs. Witek made good use of her camping weekend by posting actual pictures from the campground and preparing pinecones for us to use.  Did you know that you can get rid of sap from a pinecone by baking it in an oven at 200 degrees for 30 minutes?  If you’re at the campground, this can be done by wrapping them in foil and throwing them on the grill for an hour.  Bugs are eliminated also.  Go Google! 

Lego Challenge – Build a forest animal using only Legos. 

Afternoon Art – Our Arts Attack curriculum introduced us to the concept of texture.  We used fabric fur to create an animal that feels soft and fuzzy.  They’re hanging in our classroom.

Group Tables – Next week marks the end of the first quarter and it is time to prepare for a switch in group tables.    Switching to new groups each quarter gives us the opportunity to work with and get to know other friends in our class. 

Science – What do animals need to live?

Halloween - Be sure to attend the annual Trunk or Treat party on Thursday Oct. 26th.  Enjoy the handiwork of some of our creative parents along with an opportunity to dress up in costumes, and a movie in the gym.  Hot dogs, chips, popcorn, and beverages will be sold.  I hope to see you all there.



2017-2018 School Theme: A Mighty Fortress is Our God
“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." Psalm 46:1