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December 2, 2016

ReligionGod sent His Son, Jesus, to be born on earth so that He could save us from our sins.  We needed a Savior, because ever since the time of Adam and Eve, there has been sin in the world.  Only God’s perfect Son, both true God and true man at the same time, could solve our problem.  God sent the angels to tell the news of Jesus’ birth to the shepherds.  The joy and excitement that the shepherds experienced when they ran around Bethlehem telling everyone about the Savior’s birth is the same joy and excitement our children can experience when we share the wonderful Christmas Story. 

Christmas Program
The program is coming along great.  Thank you for all your help with the memory verses.  The important things that I’m stressing here at school include: speak clearly (no mush in your mouth), speak slowly, and remember you need to stay in time with your group members.  I am sending home the words to our music just in case your child is singing any of the songs at home.  I’m not expecting you to teach them the songs. This is only a reference in case they are showing an interest in singing the songs.  You will then have the exact words to help them if they get stuck. 

Just a few reminders;
• The program begins at 7:00 in the church
• The children are to meet in the classroom at 6:40
• Children do dress in their Sunday best.
• The program is approximately ½ hour long with cookies and punch afterwards in the cafeteria.
• We have worked very hard on this program and for the past month, I have stressed that the children keep their eyes on me as we sing.  I’m sure you can imagine the challenge of keeping the attention of 55 small children.  For this reason, I ask that you please refrain from moving out of your seats to get that perfect picture during our program.  We will have an opportunity for pictures after the program is finished.  The best spot for videotaping is upstairs in the balcony.

Cookie Request
We are in need of cookies for the reception after our Christmas program.  With parents, grandparents, family members, and assorted friends attending this event, we usually have a rather large turnout.  We are asking each family to bring at least one dozen Christmas cookies.  Cookies should be dropped off the morning of the 12th so that I can set everything up after school that day.  Thanks so much for your help. 

What Have We Learned
Language Lesson Focus – Seasons
Essential Question – How does the weather change in different months and seasons?
Phonics – We were very excited to learn and read words by decoding letter sounds.  When we see the word “cap” we draw on the knowledge that the letter “c” makes a /k/ sound.  The letter “a” gives us the short /a/ sound and finally the letter “p” is only a puff of air as we form the /p/ sound.  Blend all those sounds together and you get the word cap.   Alphabet Pals help us remember the correct sounds each letter represents.
Math – We started a chapter on addition.  This week we focused on “What is addition?  It is the joining of two sets.”  A new symbol was introduced to alert us to the operation the needed to be carried out. 
P.E. – We are starting a unit on kickball.  Training camp can be brutal.     
Cougar Classic – This weekend is the big basketball tournament held at Lutheran High School.  Tonight, our girls play at 6:00. The boys won their game Thursday night so they advance to the next level on Saturday at 9:30 AM.  Starbuck coffee and fresh donuts can be purchased to help wake us up and get our game on.  Throughout the weekend, you can catch some great basketball, eat delicious food, and support our school. 




2016-2017 School Theme:  From Start to Finish...God With Us
“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End."  Rev. 22:13