Kindergarten Newsletter

December 8, 2017


God sent His Son, Jesus, to be born on earth so that He could save us from our sins.  We needed a Savior, because ever since the time of Adam and Eve, there has been sin in the world.  Only God’s perfect Son, both true God and true man at the same time, could solve our problem.  God sent the angels to tell the news of Jesus’ birth to the shepherds.  The joy and excitement that the shepherds experienced, when they ran around Bethlehem telling everyone about the Savior’s birth,po is the same joy and excitement our children can experience when we share the wonderful Christmas Story. 


Kindergarten Needs Your Help

The kindergarten class will be collecting gallon milk jugs through Friday, January 12th.  We will be using them to build a full size igloo.  Please drop empty milk jugs in the kindergarten room or set them outside the classroom door.  Thank you for your help on this special project!



Christmas Program December 18, 2017

Just a few reminders;


The program begins at 7:00 PM in the church


The children are to meet in the classroom at 6:40 PM.


Children should dress in their Sunday best.


The program is approximately ½ hour long.  Afterwards, the children will go back to the classroom to receive a special Christmas treat to take home. 


Please note that the participants in the program this year will extend through second grade.  The children will sing and say their verses from the pews.  This is a change from previous years.

Christmas Party

We are planning some fun activities for the last day of school before the holiday break on Thursday, December 21st.  I thought a morning filled with testing would be great fun!  Just Kidding. J   For all my full day friends, school is dismissed at 12:30 that day. 


What Have We Learned

Language Focus – Weather, How can we compare storms in the summer vs. the winter here in WI? 

Literacy – Wise owl knew the snow was coming.  How did the animals react to the news and how did they prepare for winter?

Words to Know – Two new words this week, “with” & “my”.  We created some silly sentences by inserting a noun and verb picture card into this sentence.  I like to _______ with my _______.  Ex. I like to sweep with my duck. 

Phonics – We practiced with a “Build-a-Word” activity again this week, except this time we wrote words on a wipe off board.  We listened to letter sounds in order to write the correct letters and spell out the word.  A change in one letter produced a new word.  The children did a great job with this. 

Morning Art – We created the cutest gingerbread people to decorate a gift bag.

Afternoon Sensory – Speaking of gingerbread, we loved the gingerbread playdough.

Afternoon Art –This project is simply amazing.  It took us multiple days to complete, but well worth it.  Colorful Christmas trees sit silently as snowflakes gently float to the ground. 

Dramatic Play – Our classroom bakery was a very busy center.

Science – How do animals help us?

STEM – Toothpicks and gumdrops were used to build gingerbread houses.

Christmas Vacation – Our last day of school before the holiday break will be Thursday Dec. 21st.

Classes resume on Wednesday Jan. 3rd.



2017-2018 School Theme: A Mighty Fortress is Our God
“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." Psalm 46:1