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March 27, 2015

Religion - We want your child to know that Jesus takes our sins away so we don’t have to be punished.  God loved us enough to give us His only Son so that we could be saved from sin and its eternal consequences.  Your child may not understand why Jesus had to die on the cross for us, but he or she may begin to understand that there’s a consequence when we do something wrong.  There is no way we can ever make things right on our own. We needed Jesus, the perfect Son of God, to take our place.  This week’s lesson is about Good Friday can be scary for young children.  Right now we are laying the foundation of the story of salvation.  Over the years, this foundation will be built on and expanded.  The story is told with a positive focus on the wonderful purpose of the cross--that Jesus willingly did this to take away our sins. When we talk about Good Friday we also teach the fulfillment of this event at Easter.  Good Friday and Easter Sunday must have a direct and immediate connection.  Jesus’ death on the cross must always be followed with the joyful news of His resurrection and the promise of eternal life in Heaven.    

What Have We Learned
Language – Our new language theme is a fun one, farm life.  Cows in the Kitchen is a really funny story where the animals get into the farmhouse.  The Story of Half Chicken is an old Latin American folk tale referring to the origin of the weather vain.  We looked at reality and fantasy in our stories.

Writing – Did someone leave a “See and Say” toy here in our room?  Check out our Barn Stories where you will find a variety of farm animals and their respective animal sounds.  The cow said moo. 
Phonics – We met a new vowel this week which helped us in creating a new word family, the –ot family.  Our new vowel is Ozzie Octopus.

Math – We now take a look at counting and representing sets of numbers greater than 20.  We focused on writing the numerals in the correct order so that 14 doesn’t become 41.  Very tricky!

Art –We created some cute individualized Easter baskets.  The goal was to think of spring animals but we did get one cheetah in the mix. 

Religion – We worked on two projects this week.  A layered cross gave us plenty of cutting practice.  Six hearts in a crossword formation helped remind us of God’s great love and how he sent is only son to take our place for the sins we commit. 

Science – How are clouds formed?

Book Fair
Thank you for your support of our spring book fair.  Ms. Hoffmann our third grade teacher heads up our school library.  She was able to use scholastic dollars earned through sales to purchase a great selection of new books for our library upstairs.

Easter Events - St. John’s Lutheran Church offers some beautiful Services during this Easter Season. There will also be some scheduled days off of school as we celebrate the great love that God showed to us through His dear son Jesus’ death and resurrection. 
Palm Sunday  March 29 10:15  Our 8th graders will be confirmed
Maundy Thursday April     2 4:00 & 7:00 Celebration of the Last Supper
Good Friday  April     3          7:00 PM No School that day
Easter Sunday  April    5 6:30 & 10:15 Breakfast served 7:30-9:15
Following Week April    6-10 Easter Break  No School this week

2014-2015 School Theme:  Hooked on Jesus
“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”  Mark 1:17