Pre-Kindergarten FAQ

1. What time does the morning session meet?
2. What days do each of the classes meet?
The pre-kindergarten class is open to all children who have reached their 4th birthday as of September 1stof the current school year. This five day a week session meets Monday - Friday.
3. How do I keep up with what is going on?
You will receive a weekly pack each Friday. Included will be a newsletter highlighting what we accomplished during the week and all of your child's work. Upcoming events and special activities will also be listed.  In addition you will receive a weekly school newsletter to keep you up to date with all the happenings in the school.  
This web site is also a source of information and will be updated weekly.
4. When is the web site updated?
I will post the weekly activities in advance on Sunday evenings so that you will have a preview of what we'redoing.
5. How can I become involved?
We love parents to become involved. The most important thing you can do is to remember our school, teachers, and children in your daily prayers. You will receive a monthly snack calendar in which we appreciate your help in providing the children with a snack each day.  Special events and field trips open upopportunities for you. Throughout the year the school newsletter will list volunteer opportunities available for you.
6. How do I know my child's progress?
You will receive a report card for your child twice during the school year, Christmas and at the end of theyear. I feel communication between parents and teacher is vital. If during the year you have any concerns, please talk to me at the end of class or we can set up a conference.
7. What is Mrs. Witek's favorite color?
Purple!  Just to interject a bit of humor.