1st Grade Computer Lab Websites

These are GREAT Websites to Visit for Extra Practice

PRACTICE CLICKING THE MOUSE - Go through the field to point and click bees and flowers!

INTRODUCTION TO THE COMPUTER - Use the mouse to make the pickle pop bubbles.

CATCH THE FLIES - Use the mouse to make the frog catch flies!  And many other mouse games to try!




1) Balloon Pop Math Carnival game that makes you pop the balloon with the correct answer.  Solve as many problems as you can before the timer runs out to move up levels!

2) Penguin Math Feed the penguin who has the correct answer on his belly.  The game keeps track of how many you get correct or incorrect.  Start NORMAL and low levels, move up with practice.

3) Fruit Shoot Math Watch your cursor--it holds the math equation. You find the answer on a piece of fruit to click and get a point!

4) Skip Count Fruit Shoot  Splatter the fruit with the missing number. Skip Count by 2s, 5s, etc...

5) Skip Count Balloon Pop  Pop the balloon that has the next number in line, skipping by 2, 3, or 5.

6) Skip Count Tiles  Click on the next number in line, skip counting, until you fill in the row to move to the next level.

7) Connect the Dots Click on the dot with the next number in order to create an on-line picture

8) More Connect the Dots Math  Now numbers go up to 30! More connect the Dots

9) Super Connect the Dots Challenge Choose counting by ones or twos and create more pictures

10) Addition Archery- Different levels of practice and you must select the correct answer to be "on target"

11) Addition: Avoid theFlower - Move the bee with your cursor to buzz into the correct answer to score points-- avoid the flowers which are incorrect!

12) Number Twins - connect the colored balls to add up to the number you are practicing.  The path can only turn two times....GREAT fact family practice.

13) Ball Hogs - Whe ball gets hit into the net, be the first pig to scoop it up when the correct answer appears!

14) Bumble Numbers - For addition practice.  Same as Bumble Numbers 2, but for addition problems.  Watch out for the dragonflies!

15) Bumble Numbers 2 - Click on the cloud to make wind to release the dandilion seed. Scoop up the seed by moving your mouse to it and then click to drop it into the flower with the matching math problem! Careful for the lightning bugs!

16) Fact Families Help the frog cross the swamp using your MATH fact family skills.  Pick a log and then solve the math problem using the calculator on the screen.

17) Drop the Sum Fact Families - Drop the creatures into rows that create teh sum being asked for-- see if  you are correct!

18a) Block Buster FACT FAMILY - Click on the 3 blocks that make a "family" -- all blocks have to touch each other.  Make them disappear so that the wall does not form!

18b) Alien Munchtime Fact Families - Pick a fact family and practice by serving up lunch! 

19) Shark Place Value - Click on the bubble with the number represented by the blocks before the sharks eat your boat!

20) Lifeguard Place Value - Read the number of the distance you need to tracel to save the person in the water. DO NOT use the ones shift 10 times--use the tens value only!!!

21) Save the Monkey Math - Sovle th eproblem and help the monkey cross the river.

22) Math Practice Games - A whole list of games to practice math facts.

23) Bubble Math Practice - Use the bubble wand to create a bubble around the fish with the correct math problem.

24) Monkey Barrel Math - Drive the car to crash through barrels which have the correct math problem on it!

25) Ball Hog Math - wait for the correct answer to appear to the addition problen on the court-- then be first to JUMP to catch the ball for points.

26) Place Value Football - Make a pass to your receiver and then answer the place value question.

27) Scooter Place Value - Help the paper boy earn enough money for a scooter by answering the questions correctly.

28) Place Value Hockey - Get the answers correct and you get to take a few penalty shots!

29) Greater than and Less than Drag and Drop Game

30) Greater Than or Less Than - Click on the bubble that makes the math sentence true :)

31) Balloon Pop Number Compare - Follow the directions on each screen...they keep changing for Greater than and Less than!

32) Greater Than and Less Than Raceway - compare numbers and earn chances to race for gold coins

33) http://www.topmarks.co.uk/Flash.aspx?f=CaterpillarOrderingv4 Put the numbers on the caterpillar back--IN ORDER!

34) http://www.topmarks.co.uk/Flash.aspx?f=order Hang up the laundry by looking at the order of the number

35) Telling Time - Click on the digital clock that matches the clock with hands

36) Time Travel - LEVEL ONE for hour and half hour practice-- make the clock show the time that is being asked.

37) Use the Ruler - Drag the ruler up to the object and enter in closest inches




1) Build A Graph - Sort shapes and watch your tally marks and bar graph grow!

2)Tally Graph-- Answer the questions about the tally marks

3) Counting Objects - To build a graph, color in one square for each object.

4) Tally Mark Quiz - See if you are ready to colect your own data!

5) Compare Data with Tally marks!

6) Build a Picture Graph by dragging the fruit where it belongs!




1) Explore the Rain Forest Move your mouse around to see who lives in the different layers of the Rain Forest!

2) Rain Forest Layers Game Choose teh forest layer you would like to view and then drag the plant or animal which lives there.  You only get 20 misses-- so choose carefully! :)

3) Rain Forest Visit Choose a rain forest and watch slideshow of all of the beautiful things that live there-- see the paople that live nearby, too!

4) Track it back-- See if you can put the steps into the right order to see how we get coffee, chocolate and bananas from the raiforest!

5) Visit a real raiforest village in Guatemala - Click on photos to see what life is like there!

6) Butterflies:  Several Sites




7) Match the Wings Click on a matching set of wings and watch the butterfly fly away-- A challange because there are so MANY to choose from!

8) Butterfly Life Cycle - Listen and watch the life cycle steps and then play two short quiz games, using the key words used in the life cycle!




12)  SAN DIEGO ZOO Butterfly Fact

13) More Butterflies Read and learn about butterflies and look through photo albums of butterflies from all different regions of the world!

14) Animal Adaptation Camouflage - See how many animals blend into their environment.

15) Animal Habitats - Learn about who lives in these AMAZING places!

16) More habitats - Learn even more about the environments which are called "home" to many living things.

17) Force and Movement - Follow the directions to see how much force is needed to move the toy trucks.

18) Rollercoaster Track Builder - Watch how the speed you set and the slope of your hills or the combination of hills and loops affects the speed and the success of your roller coaster!

19) Build a roller coaster - and then get rated on safety and FUN! But be sure that the hill is shaped so that teh coaster car can move through in a funand safe way, or you will have to start over.

20) Water Cycle - Listen to hear about the water cycle and then fill in the blanks to see how much you remember! 



1) How do Rocks Form - YOU can help and watch rocks form!

2) Weathering and Erosion - Look at the pictures and discover how they both affect the land.



1) Apple Varieties  Take a closer look to see all of the delicious apples that are out there for us to taste.

2) More Apple Varieties Another website to show and tell you all about the types of apples we have been learning about!

3) Collect the Apples - A strategy game to drag planks and trampolines over to the right spot to catch the apples! Tricky!

4) Save the Apples Answer the math question correctly and the monkey will not drop the apples into the allegator's mouth

5) Apple Varieties - Lots of photos of apples and their names.



1) Main Idea Hamburger Game - Drag the main idea sentence over to the burger bun. If you are correct, it turns into a burger patty and you get a point! Be careful! You lose a point when you are incorrect.

2) Vowel Sound Practice:  Click on the box with the correct vowel sound that matches the picture and fill up your boxes!!

3) Long Vowel Practice - You will click on the words that have the long vowel sounds from each group.

4) Vowel Sound Super Challenge - Click on the vowel sound you are going to search for and your paintbrush turns to that color.  Try to fill in all of the tiles!!

5) Make A Match - Match the LONG vowel word with its picture...Kind of like "Concentration" game.

6) Short Vowel Game - type short vowel words you can find in the puzzle

7) Short vowel matching game - Match the picture with the short vowel sound to move to the next level






1)  Fill 'er Up Gas Station Game

2)   Feed the Pony

3)  Firetruck Game

4) Brick Building LEGO Game - You can use your mouse to drag bricks, house and car parts to build on online masterpiece!!

5) Who's In The Mix? You are being timed to see how many correct answers you can get-- Which Mixels make each creature??

6) Incredible Lego Structures - Take a Look!

7) How are Logos made?? Watch this short video and find out!



1) Carve a Pumpkin - Click & Drag the mouse to draw lines and light up your jack-o-lantern!

2) Make A Pumpkin