2nd Classroom Learning Sites




Plants and Animals


  1. One more Food Chain game - Read more about producers and consumers and then play the game.
  2. The Food Chain Game Members of a food chain appear on the screen. You have to click and drag the members to the correct position in the food chain. Get them all set up and watch the food chain come to life!
  3. Animals and Plants - Several games to get you started learning about plants and animals and where we find them!
  4. Photosynthesis - More activities to watch what a plant needs to grow!
  5. Watch a seed grow...right before your eyes!
  6. Animal classifying game -- A look at all sorts of animal habitats...and who lives there!
  7.  Animal Sort - Try to grab the animal and drag it to its classification.
  8. Plant Parts - Click and drag to label the parts of a plant
  9. Facts ANTS - Choose the right answer so that the ants do not steal your food!


  1. Bats Watch a video of bats and learn bat facts. Also click on SOUNDS to listen to sounds that bats make.

More Bat Facts and Photos


  1. How a Spider Spins a web - Watch this video
  2. Explore Types of Spiders -  Click on each name and learn more!
  3. Spider Web Game Use your web to help move around and eat the flies before time is up!
  4. Super Hyper Spider Game Typing skills game. Start with easy and type the letters you see on the lizard before he gets close enough to eat the spider! Medium level has short words and Hard level is for typing experts to try! GREAT practice for typing!



3D Shapes

  1.  CONCENTRATION SHAPES -- First match pictures to words then shapes to objects
  2. Shapes All Around Us - Drag the shape to the correct item that has that shape.
  3.  3D Shape Shooter -- Choose Relaxed or TImed and shoot the shape of the word you see



  1. Types of Clouds & Matching Game Visit this site and learn about the main types of clouds in photos and a drawn picture. Then, play concentration and a matching game to test your memory of what the types of clouds look like!
  2. CLOUD FACTS This is an easy to read site about how clouds form and other neat facts about clouds you may not know!



ROCK FORMATION VIDEOS - Watch these to see how different types of rocks are formed.




  1. Language: Sequencing - Plant a Flower: Number the sentences in the correct order by typing in numbers next to them. If your story is in the correct order sequence, you will reveal a hidden picture!
  2. Language: Sequencing - Making a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich: Again, number the sentences in the correct order sequence to reveal a hidden picture!
  3. Carve a Pumpkin Sequencing - 
  4. Making homemade Pizza Sequencing
  5. Making Microwave Popcorn Sequencing
  6. Washing a Car Sequencing
  7. Going Trick or Treating Sequencing
  8. Making Cookies Sequencing
  9. Taking a Picture Sequencing
  10. Language: Sequencing - Another story to put in order to 



  1. Homophones - Choose the correct word to move up levels!
  2. Homophones #2 - More homophones practice
  3. Match the Homophones - Flip the chips as you find matches on each level
  4. Homophones Challenge - You need to READ the riddle and decide the missing word to type in!
  5. Homophone Car Rally - Choose the correct word to win the race...Start your engines!!!!


Nouns and Verbs

  1. Noun Finder Game: Click on NOUNS before they fade away. Be careful...they move kind of fast. Watch your progress below.
  2. Possesive Nouns - Choose the correct answer and make your way through the cave.
  3. More Possesive Noun Practice - Review the rules and then take the quiz-- Good typing practice too!
  4. Verbs and Nouns- Click on the verbs or nouns to fill the ice cream cone with scoops
  5. Clean Up Your Grammar- Put the noun or verb in the right bucket to clean up the beach
  6. Grammar Gorilla - Practice your noun and verb skills to feed banans to the gorilla



  1. Adjectives-- Feed the ADJECTIVE SPIDER your fly-- be carful for other parts of speech!

  2. ADJECTIVES-- You are given a word, now match the photo that the word is describing!
  3. Racing Adjectives -- Choose the correct sentence using the correct adjective and you may win this race!
  4. Burst the Adjective Bubble : Read the sentence and wait until you see its adjective bubble float by-- then, POP IT!
  5. Adjectives Pictures - Choose the right sentence that describes the picture..the answer is just an adjective away!
  6. FISHING FOR WORDS - ADD 'ed' or 'ing ' to spell the word correctly
  7. ING and ED  GAME UNLOCK - Answer questions correctly to play these games



www.ezschool.com  Go to 2nd grade, scroll down to adverbs, click on adverbs, and then start game.


Capitalization and Punctuation


Compound Words



Cause and Effect

  1. Cause and Effect - Take a quiz to see how much you know about cause and effect.
  2. Build an ICE CREAM CONE - match the cause and effect-- and maybe even time yourself!


Context Clues

  1. Replace the Word Millionaire Game - Look at what the sentence is telling you and replace the underlined word with the correct word which has a similar meaning...the clues are in the sentence!
  2. Context Clues Quiz - Take the QUIZ to see how well you use clues to figure out the meaning of a word.
  3. Flip a Chip - YOU HAVE TO READ THE WHOLE SENTENCE...Then flip the chips and decide where each word should go to make sense.  CHALLENGING-- But you can do it!


Sentence Practice

  1. Sentence Clubhouse: Build a clubhouse by knowing what sentence type of the example and then correcting it to make a proper sentence.
  2. Phrase Match - Match the two phrases to build a complete sentence.
  3. Sentence Unscramble:  CHALLENGE: Put the scrambled words up in the sky in order to make a sentence 
  4. Rags to Riches Sentence Game: Try to move up the money prizes by clicking on the correct way to write the sentence.  If you are incorrect, you have to start over!
  5. Does This Make Sense?  Choose the correct sentence to keep the stories going...


More Language Skills

  1. Language Quizzes - HUGE list of practice quizzes, covering verbs, adjectives and so much more!  Test your skills and take a quiz!
  2. Multiple Meaning Words - Jeopardy game where you see the answers and you have to be able to tell the correct meaning.
  3. Plural Words - Build a clubhouse as you choose the correct plural form of the words you see!
  4.  Feed the fish -- Click on the fish with the correct word
  5. Furious Frogs Antonymns, Synonymns and Homonymns!
  6. https://www.turtlediary.com/game/singular-plural-flippers.html


Social Studies


Reading Maps

  1. Map Practice/Neighborhood - Using the map, follow directions to get through this neighborhood.
  2.  More Maps - Take 4 different challenges and find your way around town in the correct number of steps.
  3.  Rural and Urban Communities - Click on the key in the may to see what each type of community looks like.
  4.  Rural and Urban Video - Watch a video about these types of communities.


US Symbols and Money

  1. US Symbols Matching Game: Concentration game-- solve the puzzle in the lowest number of turns, and uncover a new symbol of our country!
  2. Coin Minting Process: Read along and find out exactly how coins are made!
  3. US Symbols Activity - Explore and find out more to fill out your worksheet!

Branches of Government

  1. Branches of the Government - Drag the different jobs to the correct branch!
  2. Branches of POWER - now that you are an expert...here is a real challenge to put the branches where they belong! 



George Washington




Other Resources


Months of the Year

  1. Click and Drag Puzzle: Drag the months into the correct order
  2. Bedtime For Tom: Drag the months (3 at a time) to the correct order and you earn Tom one of items he needs to go to bed! Remember to CLOSE the hint bar!!!



Watch these Videos about why Leaves Change Colors:



And for photos of beautiful leaves:




  1.  Monster Match Up Shoot the monster and aim to get at least 3 in a row to make them disappear and get points.
  2. Carve A Pumpkin - Use tools or use your cursor to carve amazing jack-o-lanterns!
  3. Pumpkin Match - Select the row you would like to drop the pumpkins in order to get 3 in a row to make them disappear!
  4. Word Search
  5.  Halloween Bowling



  1. Mayflower and other pilgrim life - Tour the ship and compare the life of the Indians and the Pilgrims



  1. ABC YA! Holiday Games -- All sorts of FUN holiday activities!
  2. Math Decorating - answer the math questions to light up your house for Christmas!




  1. Follow Rebecca through pictographs
  2. Types of Graphs: Learn about all types of graphs and then answer the questions
  3. Build a Pictograph - Using your data
  4. Which Bar Graph is Correct?
  5. Visit the Farm - Take a survey and then graph your answers
  6. Build a Graph with data about these students
  7. FUZZ BUGS - build a graph by sorting the bugs|
  8. Pictograph Game - Use the pictograph to answer questions about it


Time Lines

Make Your Own Timeline - Let's put events of our biography in order into a timeline to organize our writing :)



 Colors game-- name the color that you land on after you roll the dice



Typing Race Game - Move your race car through the race by typing the word or sets of letters that you are approaching.



  1. Carnival Spanish - Pop the balloon that matches the English word given to you
  2.  Learn Colors in Spanish -- Use the pallette to identify colors
  3.  Cinco de Mayo: - Play this spanish word/picture concentration game and each level you complete, the pinata will fall down, closer and closer until it breaks open! GREAT spanish review!


Art Studio and More: Color Wheel and many other drawing games.