2nd Grade Basic Math

Math Facts Practice Websites

Basic Addition

BUGABALOO MATH  Figure out how many shoes each bug has and click on the right answer.

BALLOON POP MATH  Pop balloons in ascending order of sums.

CATERPILLAR NUMBER ORDER PRACTICE  Put the numbers on the caterpillar back--IN ORDER!

COCONUT ORDERING  Order the coconuts.

CONNECT "4" ADDITION GAME  Partner game using checkers. "Connect Four" game to get 4-in-a-row. Grab a partner and start adding!

FRUIT SPLAT ADDITION  Addition game using curser as a crossbar.

JET SKI ADDITION  Choose a team and race to see which Jet Ski can answer the quickest!

NUMBER MUNCHER  Munch your way to addition and subtraction answers.  Point and click on all of the math problems that make the sum or difference highlighted in the box...but don't let the munch monster get you!

PACMAN MATH   Similar to old "Pac Man" game where you can choose either addition or subtraction and "munch" your way to the right answers. *This is a game for LATE in the year, when your skills get nice and STRONG!

PENGUIN PARTY MATH  Select addition or subtraction in the left margin, then start with "Normal," for beginners and move up to "Super," once your skills are becoming more accurate. 

TUG O WAR ADDITION  Choose a tug boat and answer the addition problems to help your team WIN!


Basic Subtraction

MINUS MISSION  Your laser cannon has the answer printed on it.  Use your mouse to point to the blob at the top of your screen with the correct subtraction problem that matches your answer and click to shoot the slime blob-- DO NOT ALLOW any slime to reach the ground or GAME OVER!

SUBTRACTION FISHING  Find the fish with the correct answer and reel it in!



BALLOON POP FRACTIONS  Pop ballons from smallest to largest fractions.

EQUIVALENT FRACTION MATH  Match fractions in timed or relaxed mode. 

FRACTION PICTURE QUIZ  Take the quiz to see to test your knowledge of fractions.  

FRACTION PIZZA GAME  Drag and drop the pizza slices to match the fraction.

MATCHING FRACTIONS  Match fractions as part of a set.


Geometric Figures


2D SHAPES JEOPARDY  Single player or multiplayer shapes jeopardy.

3D SHAPES CONCENTRATION  3D math concentration game.

BASIC SHAPES GAME  Classify basic shapes by dragging words onto correct shapes.

CLASSIFY GEOMETRIC FIGURES  Classify shapes as 2D or 3D.


CREATE A GRAPH  Use this site to make a variety of graphs.


Money Skills

ADDING MONEY  Click and drop money into the "billing machine" to pay amount.

COINS FOR CANDY  Drag and Drop the right amount of coins to buy the candy-- Then remember to brush your teeth!!


LEARNING COINS  Sort coins by dragging to the correct chest.  

MONEY COUNTING GAME  Drag the coins to the board, following directions-- gives you a money amount and certain number of coins to get there!!!



BALLOON BONANZA  Click on the balloon that is least likely OR most likely to be picked from the group.  Directions change...so watch what the dog is telling you!

WHY CAN'T I WIN?   A probability exercise that shows us exactly why!

MEASURE IT!  Choose the right length.


Number Games

FACT FAMILY MACHINE  Finish the math problem by typing in the correct answer.

FRUIT SPLAT MATH  Shoot the fruit that matches the number word to raise your score!


PLACE VALUE HOCKEY   Choose a level and click on the correct place value being asked.