3rd Grade Websites



Online Curricular Resources
(Journeys Reading Resources)
(Math Resources)
(Social Studies Resource)
(Free Spelling Resource - Search by Teacher Name: Kimberly Hoffmann2021)
(Moby Max: Math Facts Fluency) SCHOOL CODE: wi2885

Math Websites

(Times Tables)
(Interactive Fraction Strips)
(Comparing Fractions)
(Time Practice)
(Time Practice)
(Time Practice)
(Math Games)
(Practice for Third Grade Level Skills - Math, Social Studies, Science, English, Writing, Spelling)
(Extra Practice for Third Grade Level Math Skills)
(Math Manipulatives - Base 10 Blocks)

Grammar and Writing Websites

Thesaurus for Kids
(Opinion Writing Episode 1)
(Opinion Writing Episode 2)
(Opinion Writing Episode 3)
(Opinion Writing Episode 4)
(Opinion Writing Episode 5)
(Opinion Writing Episode 6)
(Adjectives and Adverbs)
(Scholastic Grammar and Math Activities)
Reading and Comprehension Websites
(Fact or Opinion)
(Stone Fox Novel Unit)
(Facts about Wyoming - Stone Fox Unit)
(Facts about Wyoming - Stone Fox Unit

Social Studies Websites

(Kid Encyclopedia)
(Culture of a Country Research)
(Culture of a Country Research)
(World Landforms)
(Oregon Trail Game)
(USA Map Quiz)

Science Websites

(Weather Data)
(Weather Forecasts)
(Animal Games)
Other Skills and Fun Websites
(Official Iditarod Website)
(Kids Against Bullying)
(Typing Lessons and Games)
(Simon - Sequencing)
(ABCya Elementary Computer Activities and Games)
(A Variety of Educational Activities)
(Digital Snowflake Maker)
(Art - Digital Mandala Maker)