3rd Year FAQ

1.  When is Memory due?

                 Memory is Tuesday and Thursday of every week, unless stated otherwise in the class newsletter.  Memory is done in a fill-in-the-blank format, where the students provide the missing words.

2.  Is there a practice test for Spelling?

                  There is a practice test for Spelling on Wednesday.  If the student gets all of the words correct on the practice test, he/she does not need to take the final test on Friday.

3.  When is the class newsletter sent home?

                   The class newsletter, This Week in Third Grade, is sent home on Fridays or the last day of school for the week.  Along with the class newsletter, the Friday pack may include the school newsletter, field trip permission forms, graded assignments/tests, and other publications from groups within the school.

4.  How often is the website updated?

                    The website is updated daily.  The homework assignments are updated every morning. Memory and spelling are updated weekly. 

5.  How much homework should my child have?

                    The amount of homework varies with the ability of each student.  Students are required to read 15 minutes every night.  The students are also encouraged to practice spelling words and basic math facts throughout the week.  On average, most students spend between 30 minutes to an hour each night on homework.  If your child is spending more time on homework than this, please contact me.

6.  How do you check if the student has been completing the required reading?

                      Each week in the Friday pack, a Required Reading Log sheet will be sent home.  The students are required to read a minimum of 100 minutes each week.  The minutes can be read throughout the week in one night or spread out through seven nights.  On the next Friday, the log sheets are due.  I will total the minutes and give them a corresponding grade.