3rd Year Social Studies Vocabulary

Chapter 3: Old and New Communities

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  1.  adapt – to change the way you live to fit a new place
  2.  culture – everything that makes up the way of life of people, including beliefs, religion, stories, art, language, and even food
  3.  religion – the belief in God or gods
  4.   ceremony – formal act that marks an occasion to celebrate a people’s beliefs: a wedding
  5.  trade – the business of buying and selling; to exchange one thing for another 
  6.   barter – to trade one item for another without using money
  7.  economy – all the ways in which people make, buy, sell, and use things
  8.   piedmont – gently rolling land at the base of mountains formed from rich, fine soil washing down from mountains
  9.   history – the study of the past
  10.  tradition – a custom handed down from generation to generation
  11.  government – an organization that makes laws, keeps order, and provides services in a community
  12. constitution – the basic laws and ideas that a government and its people follow