3rd Year Social Studies Vocabulary

Chapter 1: The Places We Live

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  1.  community – a place where people live, work, and play together
  2.  law – a rule that people follow to keep order and to be fair
  3.  citizen – an official member of a community, state, or country
  4.  map title – information that tells what is shown on a map
  5.  map key – the part of a map that explains any symbols or colors on the map
  6.  compass rose – a symbol that shows the four main directions on a map
  7.  population – the number of people who live in a certain place or area
  8.  urban area – the land found in a city
  9.  suburb – a community that is close to a city
  10.  rural area – land that is far from a city and has a smaller population than a  suburb