5th Grade Memory

Memory Work  
August 30th 1st Commandment and its meaning
September 4th 1st Corinthians 10:31
6th 2nd Commandment and its meaning
11th Psalm 100:1-3
13th 3rd Commandment and its meaning
18th Ephesians 2:8-9
20th 4th Commandment and its meaning
25th 2nd Peter 1:4
October 2nd 5th Commandment and its meaning
4th John 6:31-32
9th 6th Commandment and its meaning
11th Old Testament Genesis- Psalms
16th 7th Commandment and meaning
18th Old Testament Proverbs- Malachi
23rd 8th Commandment and meaning
25th New Testament  Matthew- 2nd Thessalonians
30th 9th Commandment and meaning
November 1st New Testament  1st Timothy - Revelation
6th 10th Commandment and meaning
13th Luke 12:15
15th Close of the Commandments 1st paragraph
20th Psalm 5: 4-5
27th Close of the Commandments 2nd paragraph


November 29th Matthew 10:28
December 4th Galatians 3: 10- 11
6th Christmas Music  TBA
11th Speaking parts TBA
13th Christmas Music  TBA
18th Speaking parts  TBA
20th (makeup) Christmas Items (There may be an extra day or two before this if needed)
January 3rd Apostle's Creed 1st Article up to "takes care of them" 
8th Apostle's Creed Explanation from "He also - body and life"
10th Apostle's Creed Explanation from " He defends - certainly true"
15th Psalm 103:13
17th Apostle's Creed 2nd Article "And in - living and the dead"
22nd Romans 10:10
24th Apostle's Creed 2nd Article "What does this mean - is my Lord"
29th Luke 2:7
30th  LSW hymn/ song TBA
31st LSW hymn/ song TBA
February 5th John 5:22-23
7th Apostle's Creed 2nd Article remainder of Explanation
12th Apostle's Creed 3rd Article "I believe- Amen"
14th Apostle's Creed 3rd Article "What does this mean- true faith"
19th Psalm 130:3-4
21st Apostle's Creed 3rd Article "In the same to all believers"
26th 1st Timothy 1:15


February 28th Ephesians 1:7
March 5th Apostle's Creed "On the last- true"
7th Job 19:25-27
12th Lord's Prayer Intro (all)
14th Psalm119:105 (EC if you sing it like Amy Grant)
19th Lord's Prayer 1st Petition Part 1 up to How is God's name kept holy?
21st Lord's Prayer  1st Petition Part 2 complete How is…
26th James 5:16
28th Lord's Prayer 2nd Petition Part 1up to How does…
22nd Psalm 23: 1-2
27th Lord's Prayer 2nd Petition part 2 How does…
April 9th Joshua 1:9
11th Lord's Prayer 3rd Petition Part 1 up to How is...
16th Lord's Prayer 3rd Petition Part 2 How is…
18th John 20:29
23rd Lord's Prayer 4th Petition part 1 up to What is meant…
25th Lord's Prayer 4th Petition part 2 What is meant…
30th Revelation 2:10
May 2nd 1st Corinthians 15:55
7th Lord's Prayer 5th Petition Part 1 up to Explanation
9th Lord's Prayer 5th Petition Explanation
14th Isaiah 53:5
16th  Hebrews 4:12
21st Hebrews 11:1
23rd Psalms 118:24