Kindergarten Busy Week

Date:  February 12-14                         

Language Lesson Topic:  Oceans and Waterways

Essential Question:  I what ways is the Atlantic Ocean important?

Bible Story:   Jesus heals 10 men

Literature:    "One Dog Canoe", "Atlantic", "If You Ever", "Nat, Tim and Tan Sam", "Rip Is It"

Words to Know:   will, be, into, that, your who

Phonological Awareness:    Blend Phonemes - middle vowel sounds

Phonics:    Letter Dd and Alphabet Pal Dudley Duck

Vocabulary Strategy: Context Clues

Comprehension Skill:   Author's Purpose

Comprehension Strategy:  Analyze/Evaluate

Writing Focus: Filling in the missing details

Math: Numbers greater than 10

Playdough:    Valentine tinker trays

Science: Fast Land Changes - Volcanoes

P.E.:  Monday and Wednesday with Mrs. Charpentier