Kindergarten Newsletter


Kindergarten May 31



We want your child to be reminded, how God wants all people to come to faith in Jesus and to be saved.  He makes us His children as the Holy Spirit works faith in us through His Word and in Baptism.  In our story, Lydia was happy to hear Paul share God’s Word, was baptized, and welcomed Paul into her home.  Sometimes, your child may be less than excited to go to church and hear God’s Word or go to Sunday School or other church get-togethers with other Christians.  As you approach these events, talk about how you’re looking forward to going.  For example, talk about how you enjoy a certain Bible story and are learning so much about Jesus, talk about the beautiful music you want to hear, or other special events.  It is a special time to get together with other believers as God comes to us in His Word and Sacraments.  Just like Lydia, God opens our hearts to understand the Scriptures too, and we, in turn, can share God’s Word with others.  The gracious kindness of our loving God grows in our hearts too, so that we also can show gracious kindness to others and enjoy the fellowship of other believers. 


First Annual Field Day Event

What an amazing day!  We went to 6 different stations, and had lunch with the 7th grade class, who by the way, will be our 8th grade buddies next year.  The afternoon main event was a vicious game of dodgeball pitting two groups of faculty against each other.  Pastor Gilbert and Mr. Charpentier were ruthless.  Mrs. Witek tried hiding behind Ms. Pesch.  Ice cream sandwiches were a perfect ending to a great day.  Thank you to all those who helped make the huge undertaking and enormous success. 


What Have We Learned

Language – We completed the last Unit Theme test and all were very excited until I told them that next year those test “Will Be Back!” 

Centers – We wrapped up the centers from last week.

Essential Question – What can I do to be a good friend and a good neighbor?

Words to Know – Review:  do, down, have, help, went, only, little, just, one, every, ask, walk, look, out, off, take, very, their, saw, put, our day, too, show

Phonics – Short vowel sounds

Language – This week we shared a variety of stories that dealt with graduating and moving on.  This is always a little sad for Mrs. Witek.  On the first day of school we read a story entitled Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten. It is only fitting that we end with Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the Last Day of Kindergarten.  It was really interesting to see how the children responded to the question, “How does Miss Bindergarten feel on the very last day of school?” 

Math – We rounded out our sorting and graphing unit with a survey of pet possibilities inspired by a Dr. Seuss book entitled What Pet Would You Get?

Art – Drawing Cubby Bear in a chair.

Afternoon Art – We’ve enjoyed moving a bird into a birdhouse on the Smart Board attendance activity so we made our own birdhouses. 

Summer Homework - I pray that you all have a wonderful summer.  Did you know that the best influence for reading success is reading to your child?  Even as our children embark on their own reading adventures, take time to snuggle up together and read.




2018-2019 School Theme:  We Find Our Endurance and Encouragement to Learn and Love in Christ Jesus.

"May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus."  (Rom. 15:5)