Pre-Kindergarten Our Busy Week


Overview of Week 1

Aug. 24th-28th


Exploratory Question: What happens at school? 


Story: “Welcome to School” by: DLM 


Literacy Skill: Book Handling Skill 


Handwriting: Holding Pencil and Filling In 


Math: Sorting by Color and Size


Science: Safety at School/Playground Rules


Social Studies: Classroom Routines


Social/Emotional: How do we greet one another and make friends? 


Bible Story: God Made People


Overview of Week 2

Aug. 31st-Sept. 4th


Exploratory Question: What happens in our classroom?


Story: "Yellowbelly and Plum go to School" by Nathan Hale


Literacy Skill: Print Awareness, Words and Spaces


Handwriting: Strokes/Mat Man


Math: One-to-One Correspondence/Counting to 5


Science: Personal Health and Hygiene


Social Studies: Looking at Our Flags


Social/Emotional: The Importance of Clean-Up


Bible Story: God Made the World


Overview of Week 3

Sept. 8th-11th


Exploratory Question: What makes a good friend?


Story: "Max and Mo's First Day at School" by Patricia Lakin


Literacy Skill: Picture Walk/Background Knowledge


Handwriting: Mat Man


Math: 2-D Shapes


Science: Identifying problems and solutions


Social Studies: Holidays and Celebrations / Months of the Year


Social/Emotional: Making New Friends


Bible Story: The First Sin


Overview of Week 4

Sept. 14th-18th


Exploratory Question: How can we play and learn together?


Story: "Ameila's Show and Tell Fiesta" by Mimi Chapra


Literacy Skill: Title


Handwriting: Colors


Math: 2-D Shapes in Real World Objects


Science: Observing Nature/Leaf Hunt


Social Studies: Different People and Different Interests


Social/Emotional: A Helpful Classmate


Bible Story: Noah and the Flood


Overview of Week 5

Sept. 21st-25th


Exploratory Question: Who am I and What are my feelings?


Story: "All About Me" by DLM / "Lots of Feelings" by Shelley Rotner


Literacy Skill: Title, Author


Handwriting: Colors


Math: Writing Numbers 1-5


Science: Parts of our Bodies/How we Grow


Social Studies: Talking About Cultures


Social/Emotional: Be Proud of What You Can Do


Bible Story: Tower of Babel


Overview of Week 6

Sept. 28th-Oct. 2nd


Exploratory Question: What do the parts of my body do?/ What are my senses? 


Story: "Eyes, Nose, FIngers, Toes" by Brita Granstrom


Literacy Skill: TItle, Author, Illustrator


Handwriting: Letter L


Math: Unit Three: Copying Patterns


Science: Exploring Senses


Social Studies: Respecting Differences


Social/Emotional: Being Helpful


Bible Story: God's Promises to Abraham


Overview of Week 7

Oct. 5th-9th


Exploratory Question: What is a family?


Story: "Jonathan and His Mommy" by Irene Smalls


Literacy Skill: Direction to reading, Left to Right


Handwriting: Letter F


Math: Extending Patterns


Science: Living vs. Nonliving


Social Studies: Talk About Families


Social/Emotional: Understanding Differences


Bible Story: Jacob's Troubles


Overview of Week 8

Oct. 12th-16th


Exploratory Question: What are the parts of a community?


Story: "In the Community" by DLM/ "Rush Hour" by Christine Loomis


Literacy Skill: Beginning of a sentence


Handwriting: Letter E


Math: Unit Four: Positional Words


Science: Safety in the Community


Social Studies: Talking About a Neighborhood


Social/Emotional: Taking Responsibility


Bible Story: Joseph and his Brothers


Overview of Week 9

Oct. 19th-23rd 


Exploratory Question: How does a community help me? / Community Helpers


Story: "Quinito's Neighborhood" by Ina Cumpiano


Literacy Skill: Ending of a sentence


Handwriting: Letter H


Math: Recognizing numbers 6-10


Science: Magnets


Social Studies: Community Helpers


Social/Emotional: Using Materials Correctly


Bible Story: Moses Birth


Overview of Week 10

Oct. 26th-30th 


Exploratory Question: What can we learn about pumpkins?


Story: "Seed Sprout, Pumpkin, Pie" by Jill Esbaum


Literacy Skill: Main Idea


Handwriting: Letter T


Math: Unit Five: Comparing Sets for More, Less, Same


Science: Parts of a pumpkin


Social Studies: Local Pumpkin Patch Visit


Social/Emotional: Field Trip Safety


Bible Story: Israel in the Desert


Overview of Week 11

Nov. 2nd-5th


Exploratory Question: How can I learn by observing?


Story: "Let's Investigate" by DLM


Literacy Skill: Main Idea


Handwriting: Letter I


Math: Comparing Numbers


Science: Learning from Observing and Investigating


Social Studies: Special things about Families and where they live


Social/Emotional: Asking for Help


Bible Story: Building the Tabernacle


Overview of Week 12

Nov. 9th-13th


Exploratory Question: How can I use tools to investigate?


Story: "I Like Making Tamales" by Allison Pomenta


Literacy Skill: Setting


Handwriting: Letter U


Math: Unit Five: Comparing Numbers


Science: Baking/ Chemistry


Social Studies: Making a Map


Social/Emotional: Find Out What You Don't Know


Bible Story: The Ten Commandments


Overview of Week 13

Nov. 16th-20th


Exploratory Question: How can I compare things?


Story: "Nature Spy" by Shelley Rotner and Ken Kreisler


Literacy Skill: Characters


Handwriting: Letter C


Math: Measuring Length


Science: Grouping Characteristics


Social Studies: All Kinds of People


Social/Emotional: Time to Share


Bible Story: The Bronze Snake


Overview of Week 14

Nov. 23rd-24th


Exploratory Question: What is Thanksgiving?


Story: "Bear Gives Thanks" by Karma Wilson


Literacy Skill: Characters


Handwriting: Review


Math: Measure Weight


Science: Turkey Feathers and Cranberry Sensory Play


Social Studies: Thanksgiving


Social/Emotional: Listen and Learn


Bible Story: Being Thankful/ Blessings/ Ruth and Naomi


Overview of Week 15

Nov. 30th-Dec. 4th


Exploratory Question: What is Advent?


Story: "Praying for Christmas: Children's Advent Wreath" by Jeanne Preski


Literacy Skill: Syllables


Handwriting: Letter O


Math: Unit Six: Measure Weight


Science: Exploring Evergreens and Pinecones


Social Studies: Christmas Traditions


Social/Emotional: Staying Focused


Bible Story: The Savior is Coming/Advent


Overview of Week 16

Dec. 7th-11th


Exploratory Question: How can I make music?


Story: "All God's Critters" by Bill Staines


Literacy Skill: Syllables


Handwriting: Letter Q


Math: Unit Seven: Complex Sorting by Shape, Weight, Texture


Science: Vibrations


Social Studies: Christmas Traditions


Social/Emotional: Following Through


Bible Story: The Angels and Shepherds


Overview of Week 17

Dec. 14th-18th


Exploratory Question: How do I celebrate Jesus' Birthday?


Story: "Happy Birthday, Dear Jesus!" by Greg Holder and Diane Stortz


Literacy Skill: Initial Phonemes


Handwriting: Letter G


Math: Unit Seven: Sort by More than one Attribute.


Science: Peppermint sensory


Social Studies: Christmas Traditions


Social/Emotional: Solving Problems


Bible Story: The Star Announces the Savior's Birth


Overview of Week 18

Jan. 4th-8th


Exploratory Question: How do objects move?


Story: "What do Wheels Do All Day?" by April Jones Pride


Literacy Skill: Ending Phonemes


Handwriting: Letter S


Math: Complex Patterns/ Transferring Patterns


Science: Simple Machines


Social Studies: Jobs


Social/Emotional: What We've Learned


Bible Story: Jesus as a Young Boy


Overview of Week 19

Jan. 11th-15th


Exploratory Question: What are good healthy habits?


Story: "Staying Healthy" by DLM


Literacy Skill: Add or Substitute Phonemes


Handwriting: Letter J


Math: Unit Eight: Complex Patterns/ I can make my own Patterns.


Science: Germs


Social Studies: Talking About Healthy Habitats at Home


Social/Emotional: Managing One's Behavior


Bible Story: Jairus' Daughter Lives


Overview of Week 20

Jan. 19th-22nd


Exploratory Question: What kinds of foods are healthy?


Story: "Growing Vegetable Soup" by Lois Ehlert


Literacy Skill: Segmenting


Handwriting: Letter D


Math: Unit Nine: Recognizing 3D Shapes


Science: Healthy Food/Dental Hygiene


Social Studies: Casting a Vote


Social/Emotional: Being Responsible


Bible Story: Jesus Heals the Blind


Overview of Week 21

Jan. 25th-29th


Exploratory Question: Why is exercise important?


Story: "Rise and Exercise!" by Tonya Leslie


Literacy Skill: Segmenting


Handwriting: Letter P


Math: Identifying 3D Shapes


Science: Heart Beats


Social Studies: Jobs that make us move


Social/Emotional: Working Together


Bible Story: Jesus Feeds 5,000


Overview of Week 22

Feb. 1st-5th


Exploratory Question: How can I stay healthy?/Dental health


Story: "Jamal's Busy Day" by Wade Hudson


Literacy Skill: FIction/ nonfiction


Handwriting: Letter B


Math: Unit Nine: Building our Own 3D Shapes


Science: Dental Health


Social Studies: Needs vs. Wants


Social/Emotional: Caring for my Body


Bible Story: The Good Samaritan


Overview of Week 23

Feb. 8th-11th


Exploratory Question: How do we show love to others?


Story: "How do Dinosaurs say I Love You?" by Jane Yolen & Mark Teague


Literacy Skill: Fiction/ nonfiction


Handwriting: Letter R


Math: Unit Ten:Complex Comparing Numbers 11-14


Science: Balance


Social Studies: Ways to Show Love


Social/Emotional: Getting others to Play


Bible Story: The Lost Son


Overview of Week 24

Feb. 16th-19th


Exploratory Question: What are fairy tales?


Story: "Nursery and Fairy Tales Collection" by Mary Engelbreit


Literacy Skill: Predictions


Handwriting: Letter K


Math: Unit Ten: Complex Comparing Numbers 15-18


Science: Sensory Fairy Dust


Social Studies: National FairyTale Day


Social/Emotional: Encouraging Others


Bible Story: Jesus Blesses the Children


Overview of Week 25

Feb. 22nd-26th


Exploratory Question: Who are illustrators?


Story: Eric Carle's Books


Literacy Skill: Rhyming / Ending sounds


Handwriting: Letter A


Math: Unit Ten: Complex Comparing Numbers 19, 20, Review of 11-18


Science: Color/ Mixing Textures


Social Studies: Eric Carle


Social/Emotional: Forgiveness


Bible Story: Jesus Forgives Zacchaeus


Overview of Week 26

Mar. 1st-5th


Exploratory Question: Who are authors?


Story: Dr. Seuss Books


Literacy Skill: Rhyming / Ending sounds


Handwriting: Letter M


Math: Unit Eleven: Complex Measurement Height


Science: Color Mixing


Social Studies: Dr. Seuss Birthday


Social/Emotional: Classroom Helpers


Bible Story: Jesus Visits Friends


Overview of Week 27

Mar. 8th-12th


Exploratory Question:  What can I learn about the earth and sky?/universe


Story: "The Earth and Sky" by DLM


Literacy Skill: Fantasy


Handwriting: Letter N


Math: Unit Eleven: Complex Measurement Capacity


Science: Universe


Social Studies: Talking About School and Home


Social/Emotional: Completing Tasks


Bible Story: One Man Says Thank You


Overview of Week 28

Mar. 15th-19th


Exploratory Question: What weather can I observe?


Story: "Who Likes Rain?" by Wong Herbert Yee


Literacy Skill: Rhyming / Ending sounds


Handwriting: Letter V


Math: Unit Twelve: Graphing


Science: Weather


Social Studies: Daily Schedules


Social/Emotional: Classroom Helpers


Bible Story: Jesus Rides into Jerusalem


Overview of Week 29

Mar. 22nd-25th


Exploratory Question: What can I learn about day and night? /Shadows


Story: "Matthew and the Color of the Sky" by Rico Martinez


Literacy Skill: Predictions


Handwriting: Letter W


Math: Unit Twelve: Estimation


Science: Shadows


Social Studies: Time of Day


Social/Emotional: Solving Problems


Bible Story: At the Last Supper


Overview of Week 30

Mar. 29th-April 1st


Exploratory Question: How do animals grow and change? 


Story: "Growing and Changing" by DLM


Literacy Skill: Sight Words


Handwriting: Letter X


Math: Data


Science: Parts of an Egg


Social Studies: Talking About where we live


Social/Emotional: What do I do if I'm sad?


Bible Story: Easter Morning/On the Road at Easter


Overview of Week 31

April 12th-16th


Exploratory Question: Where do animals live and what do they eat?


Story: "Castle, Caves, and Honeycombs" by Linda Ashman


Literacy Skill: Sight Words


Handwriting: Letter Y


Math: Combining Sets to Five


Science: Animal Characteristics


Social Studies: Shopping for New Clothes


Social/Emotional: Solving Problems


Bible Story: Jesus' Ascension


Overview of Week 32

April 19th-23rd


Exploratory Question: How are animals the same and different and how do they move?


Story: "Who Is the Beast?" by Keith Baker "Move!" by Steven Jenkins & Robin Page


Literacy Skill: Sight Words


Handwriting: Letter Z


Math: Combine Sets to Ten


Science: Animal Tracks


Social Studies: Migration


Social/Emotional: Trying New Things


Bible Story: Blessed at Pentecost


Overview of Week 33

April 26th-30th


Exploratory Question: How do plants grow and change?


Story: "I Am a Peach" by Luisa de Noriega


Literacy Skill: Sight Words


High Frequency Word: A


Math: Unit Fourteen: Subtracting Sets within Five


Science: Parts of a Plant


Social Studies: Talking About Time Passing


Social/Emotional: Figuring Things Out


Bible Story: The Man from Africa


Overview of Week 34

May 3rd-7th


Exploratory Question: Why is caring for the Earth important?


Story: "Ada, Once Again!" by Ana Nuncio


Literacy Skill: Onset and Rime


High Frequency Word: The


Math: Subtracting Sets within Ten


Science: Recycling


Social Studies: Talking About Shopping


Social/Emotional: Being Respectful


Bible Story:Jesus Suffers and Dies


Overview of Week 35

May 10th-14th


Exploratory Question: What are rocks and what do we do with them?


Story: "Rock Collecting" by Roma Gans


Literacy Skill: Sight Words


High Frequency Word: It, Is


Math: Addition Stories


Science: Land Formations


Social Studies: Rocks from Around the World


Social/Emotional: Whose in Charge?


Bible Story:Paul and Silas in Jail


Overview of Week 36

May 17th-21st


Exploratory Question: What do insects do?


Story: "Bug Zoo" by Disney Book Group


Literacy Skill: SIght Words


High Frequency Words: I, Can, See


Math:Subtraction Stories


Science: Insects


Social Studies: Bugs Around the World


Social/Emotional: Solving Problems


Bible Story:Paul is Changed


Overview of Week 37

May 24th-28th


Exploratory Question: How do I stay safe this summer?


Story: "A Little Book About Safety" by Samantha Kurtzman


Literacy Skill: Sight Words


High Frequency Words: Go, To, We


Math: Review


Science: Take objects away from a set to find out how many are left


Social Studies: Sink & Float


Social/Emotional: What do I do when I'm lonely?


Bible Story: Paul Teaches Timothy